Sunday, 24 July 2011

Marry Me & Bury Me

 Okay this is the first time I have worn this 1930s treasure of a dress since I bought it, it is the kind of dress that makes you feel like a princess. I wish to be married and buried in this dress, just so you know. I added a bird to my hair to add to the lunacy of my ensemble. 

Andrex bag to add to the look

Hope your weekend was filled with beautiful things. 


  1. Beautiful dress! And you styled it up perfectly! I can understand why you want to marry and be buried in it! haha! I am on a quest for such a dress! Have a great week! x

  2. Beautiful dress! I loved your blog that I put a link on mine, check out:

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  4. Argh, I made a spelling mistake! I meant to write:
    I've been enjoying your blog and love eclectic style! :)

  5. It fits! Wow its just stunning, and you look beautiful in it, I know if it was mine I would never want to take it off!!

  6. My word! You look amazing in that dress!!!!

  7. Vanessa: thank you!

    Circus Girl: I am so glad you understand what I meant, didn't want to come across as too loony!

    Stella: Thank you, and thank you so much for listing me on your blog, love your film fashion posts.

    House of Pinheiro: Thank you so much.

    Hexotica: Hah I would of forgiven you a spelling error, so lovely to hear you're enjoying my blog.

    Wendy: I know like a glove, I was grinning like a cheshire cat as soon as I slipped it on.

    Dial V: Thank you my lovely.

    Crystal Lee: Thanks doll!

    Mary: Thanks Mary, very nice of you to say.

  8. Oh my gosh you look amazing! What a perfect fit and so elegant, you look beautiful. I like your garden too. xx

  9. Wow. Such a beautiful dress!
    -Andi x

  10. I'm popping back to let you know that I have given your beautiful blog and award you can find out about it all at my blog:)

  11. your dress is beautiful :)
    Love Lois xxx

  12. oooh, I love it! Those shoes are sooo perfect too! I'd want to die in that I don't mind a little morbid talk every now and again!

  13. the shoes! OMG! and the dress! and the bird! and the whole outfit together! you could be the muse of tim burton. you don't just look brilliant but really inspiring.

  14. How beautiful and delicate that dress is! Perfect for a wedding (& a funeral, I suppose, though I won't think too much about that) as it fits you so well. <3

  15. Kelly Marie: Thank you ,and it is my Mum who puts in all the hard work for the garden. I love it this time of year it is so over grown! x

    Andi: Thanks glad you like it x

    Wendy: Thank you so much for the award you're too kind x

    Lois: thank you!

    The Retro Natural: Thank you, glad you don't mind my slightly morbid slant hah x

    Milingmai: Thank you are so sweet, I think I should perhaps turn up on Mr Burton's doorstep and tell him I am his new muse hah such a great compliment! x

    Rachel: It is so delicate I love it, I have it hung up in my room so I can admire it when I cannot wear it x

  16. Lovely dress Victorian-esque (-: