Wednesday, 24 August 2011

Mexican Birthday

Hello petals, I had a marvellous weekend hope you did too. On Saturday it was my boyfriend's birthday and I always have to have a theme for my loved ones birthdays. So this year it was Mexican (last year it was nautical), I was kind of restricted what I could do though because I was decorating at his Mum's house. The piƱata was full of Mexican sweets and the big pink box was my own hamper idea filled with Mexican groceries purchased on the brilliant Most of his gifts were purchased from Etsy, I do not know what I did without Etsy there are so many wonderful shops, a particular favourite is timberps, they have amazing t-shirts the artwork is right up my street; skeletons and lumber jacks!

The Mexican themed wrapping paper is also from Etsy, who needs Clintons eh? 

Do any of you go theme crazy for your loved ones birthday's? Or am I just tacky?! (I know I am)


  1. How cool! I've never done much form y siblings birthdays, we're normally not around each other around those times..but I may have to, this is inspiring! :)

  2. Looks fantastic! Great start to the post by the way, as my name actually is Petal!

  3. The Retro Natural: It's fun going crazy with an idea for a birthday, obviously it helps if the birthday girl/boy likes the theme hah.

    Petalrose: Thank you, and what a beautiful name you have!