Thursday, 13 October 2011

I am running away to join the circus

These pictures are making the rounds but had to share in case some of you haven't seen them, I am currently planning a circus themed party for my niece (she is turning one, she won't care but I do) so I am thinking I need a showgirl outfit. I nearly bidded on a 1930s one about a month or so ago on eBay wish I had now! 

Oh and some images from one of my favourite Burton films, which is also circus related, love a theme don't we?

Circus girl images found here and Big Fish images via google.


  1. Those old circus photos are amazing. Tell us about the outfit you almost bid on, it sounds amazing. I've never thought about searching for old costumes before.

  2. With those inspiration pictures, I can't wait to see what your outfit for your niece's party looks like!

  3. Such incredible photos!!!!
    And I so need to watch Big Fish again.

    Can't wait to see what you come with for the party!

  4. What a grand idea for your niece's bday, but perhaps try to avoid any clowns. You would look amazing in a vintage showgirl outfit; I hope one turns up for you. Love these photos, especially the gal in the bunny ears.

  5. Love all these pics, thank you so much for sharing...x

  6. I was ogling those pix recently,how bloody marvellous are they?! O,jaysus,I'd love to see you working an old circus costume!!

  7. Miss Tallulah: It was gorgeous it was a light green with orange beading, I am currently watching one on eBay even though it is about three sizes too small aha.

    Miss Marie: Oh I will be sure to share!

    Ginger: Me too I only have it on vhs that needs to be recified!

    Crystal: Yeah her mum, my sister hates clowns so they are a no no. Yeah the bunny girl is my favourite.

    Frocktasia: Glad you like!

    Helga: They are brilliant so amazing to see pictures like this in colour, yeah I definitely need one don't I hah xx

  8. Hi love,

    Just letting you know I awarded you a Liebster Award. Check it out. :)

  9. I think I need to see Big Fish again, because I saw it when it first came out and didn't care for it too much! That must be wrong, somehow, because it always looks so pretty in pictures!

  10. When I was little I actually wanted to run away and join a circus. Then I found out that my great-grandfather had worked at a circus - with big cats! I guess it lies in the blood... :)

  11. Tallulah: thank you very much for the award, glad you like my blog!

    Rachel: Oh do give it a second try if you don't like it you can yell at me, I love it. I am very daydreamy though.

    Miss Meadows:Oh wow do you have any photos of your great grandfather at the circus? definitely must be in your genes!

  12. Part of me still wants to run off and join the circus...

    Have you seen I'm No Angel? Mae West plays a lion-tamer/"hoochie coochie" dancer.

  13. Me too especially when real life gets too much hah. Yes it is brilliant, the costumes in it are stunning!