Thursday, 20 October 2011

On The Second Day Of Halloween My True Love Gave To Me:

 Two Bats

Boo! hope you're all having a spooktacular week. Thought I would share with you one of my favourite Del Toro films.

Cronos (1993)
Is probably one of my favourite vampire related films, it also got me obsessed with scarabs.  Jesus Gris, a grandfather and antique dealer discovers an alchemist built mechanical scarab, which gives him a thirst he cannot quench with a simple glass of water. However Jesus can no longer function without the device and either can the dying eccentric De la Guardia, who summons his minion, Angel de La Guardia (Ron Perlman) to get the cronos no matter what.  What is so special about the film is that it is not aimed at teenagers, and the relationship between Jesus and his granddaughter Aurora is particularly enchanting. 

Dream Troubled Gothic Boyfriend
Six foot eight, long black hair, tattoos, tragically witty lyricist;

Pete Steele
My gosh the fifteen year old me fell in love with this man, he looked like he belonged in the munsters, very talented with a sardonic black humour that just makes me love his music all the more. 

Lily Munster
Oh Yvonne De Carlo not only was she stunning in the forties but also in the sixties, always a constant inspiration.

The Accessory
Yeah I need to quench my thirst for a scarab necklace real bad, this beauty is from Etsy

Oh and here is a perfect Halloween related song;

Cronos screencaps by me, all other images via google. 


  1. Fark!That necklace!!!!Heavenly!
    I haven't heard of "Cronos" before,looks like an interesting take on the vampire theme!Must look out for it.
    Have you seen "Re-Animator"? Thats a nice scary-at least to me,cos I'm a wimp!!
    My Goth fantasy boyfriend was Carl from Fields of the Nephilim.......yummy!X

  2. Because of his stature it almost felt like Peter Steele was indestructible - then his heart stops...I'm a big Type O Negative fan. Peter's sarcastic humor fits me perfectly! And that voice...Such a shame he's not with us anymore...

  3. I love Peter Steele and Type O! I was and still am heartbroken that he's gone. I would have let that man do anything to me. You got good taste!!!!

  4. I haven't heard of 'Cronos' but, wow, that sure sounds and looks like a great movie!! :)

  5. Helga: The necklace is indeed heavenly, however my bank balance is not hah. Have not see it, will have to add it to my list for my Halloween fest. Just googled him he is rather delightful indeed! x

    Miss Meadows: So glad I have a fellow Pete fan, I know I still cannot quite comprehend it, so upset that I never got a chance to see type o live. Yeah the humour is so up my street the video for I don't wanna be never fails to crack me up.

    Krista: Another fan yes! I did hope when I heard the news it was another prank alas it wasn't.

    Dial V: It is a fantastic film, you get the del toro boxset quite cheap online!