Saturday, 22 October 2011

On The Third Day Of Halloween My True Love Gave To Me:

Three Black Cats

Hello my pretties, it wouldn't really be a true celebration of Halloween without a black cat now would it?

Tales of Terror (1962)
Edgar Allan Poe and Vincent Price go together like bread and butter, Tales of Terror is three short adaption's of some of Poe's work, also starring Peter Lorre and Basil Rathbone. The Black Cat sequence has to be my favourite.

To continue with the cat theme I thought I would do what any other deranged woman does, don some cat ears and meow. Oh and check out my fly earrings, love me some bejewelled insects, and I added whiskers mid way to make the look more editorial.

Christina Ricci
Is a doll, much prefer her in her off centre roles. Plus Wednesday Addams made me realise it's okay to be different, and that is deep for a thirteen year old, or however old I was when I watched that film, numerous times. 

Dream Troubled Gothic Boyfriend
Vengeful, kick ass guy who recites Poe at every opportunity

Brandon Lee
 aka Eric Draven, The Crow is another favourite of mine the soundtrack is pretty darn amazing if you have gothic tendencies like myself. 

The accessory
Ashish cobweb tights? or they stuck on who cares I really need chic knee pads don't you think?

Have a spooky weekend lovelies!

 Catacombes pics, screencaps by me all other images found on tinternet I mean tumblr. 


  1. Hahahaha,those spiderweb knee bits! Ew,I found a spider in a drawer today,very Halloweeny!
    Mmmmm,The Crow,love it,used to watch it obsessiveley!(sp?!)
    LOVE the ears,my G has a pair too!MeowZA!

  2. They are marvellous! Yeah I don't mind the little spiders, but the bigger they get the more I yell for my mum. The Crow is a brilliant film, love Bai Ling in it, she is crazy. Thanks I do think they are a good accessory all year round! x

  3. I love that picture of Christina Ricci! It is gorgeous! It reminds me of an old Vanity Fair Image with the lace! She is a wee hero to me too! Teehee your cute with your whiskers! I love your halloween posts! Zoë x

  4. Oh, Mr Draven, won't you follow me home?...

  5. Just read about this show and thought of this post of yours, with Christina Ricci and all. It's not her quirky goth persona, but it looks pretty fabulous:

  6. Zoe: So glad you like the halloween posts! think I may bore most people hah.

    Miss Meadows: that would be delightful.

    Miss Marie: Oh yes I saw the trailer the other day meant to post about it, looks quite interesting, seems they are hopping on the mad men 1960s bandwagon though.