Thursday, 10 November 2011

Furnishing My Imaginary House

Most people wait till they have somewhere they can call their own before they start buying furniture, not I, no I find bargains and buy them and then realise I have no where to put them. My room is very interestingly arranged at the moment just to accommodate two pieces. Thought I would share with you what I got as well as some gorgeous dames in their homes, debating what colours to paint the furniture, I am thinking duck egg blue, maybe sea green, decisions, decisions. This all came to a £100 on eBay, eBay is dangerous...

This dressing table came with a very large mirror, I cannot wait to wear my feathery heeled slippers, and best gown in front of it hah, just need a house now.

gals and their dressing tables found via google 


  1. It's such a pretty colour anyway maybe you won't need to paint it! I love every single piece you have bought, I am just the same, I am practically homeless at the moment because of touring but I still find ways of buying bits and pieces and getting friends to store them for me! Just wait until a year from now when I'm in a house of my own (finger crossed!) and then I'll fill it to the brim with all my stuff :)

  2. These are gorgeous! Ebay is evil isn't it!!! Oh I love it in the wood! But I know what you mean, I painted my dresser a kind of sea foam bluey slightly green colour!?!! haha! :) Depends on your wall colour and other decor I guess! There is an antique amazing dresser for £30 at our local cheap furniture shop... Can a girl have two dressers? I would If I had room! Our room is tiny and full to the brim! :( I need a house too! One small room is just toooo cramped! Lovely inspiration pictures too! As usual! ;) x

  3. Oh, I can see why you couldn't resist any of those pieces - they're all gorgeous, especially that amazing dresser. I wouldn't want to paint them! But I guess, as Zoe says, it depends on your decor.

  4. OMG that frock first pic!!ARGH!
    Right.Some frigging divine scores you've made,darl!That wardrobe is just scrummy,I can see it full of leopard coats!Is the second item a drinks cabinet??I think I'd make it one if it isn't!
    Furnishing your imaginary home is a splendid way to pass the time until you have your own.Owning ones own home is FANTASTIC!I quite recommend it.
    Now,I too,like the wood,but they're your lovely goodies,they'll tell you how they want to look!X

  5. Miss Katie: Think I may just paint the chest drawers have to wait till I have somewhere to put it all! Glad I am not the only one who buys without having a proper place to put it all, my logic is that when I look for furniture when I do have a house is that I won't be able to find it! xx

    Zoe: Sea foam bluey sounds magical, definitely my kind of colour! I definitely think it would be acceptable to have two dressers if you had the room that is! and thank you, your comments always make me smile xx

    Miss Marie: Glad you can understand my urges hah. Yeah I think I may just wait till I have a home of my own before I decide on painting.

    Helga: It is divine ain't it! I have four leopard print coats (ones a cape) so your vision will come true. It is good spot! I need to put something more sophisticated than cider in it I guess! Can't wait till the day I have my own hovel! x

  6. Old fashion beauty is the best! the hair style and everything about these women is wonderful. x

  7. I'd love to own furniture like that too...if only I could win the lottery! Your package with goodies arrived in the mail, thank you so much!! :)

  8. Victoria: I would have to agree with you! x

    Dial V: So glad they got to you okay! x

  9. Wow. Great finds! And all of your inspiration photos are gorgeous, too. I must admit, I'm more of a '50s/'60s plastic fantastic gal when it comes to how I want my own future home to be decorated. I already have a few pieces but we've no more room left for anything else, unfortunately. Sigh.
    -Andi x

  10. Thank you! I am partial to some 50's style furnishings too, I want a pink or light blue kitchen a la Dita. That's the trouble lack of space, I cannot fit any more things under my bed. x