Wednesday, 2 November 2011

Style Icon: Barbara Stanwyck

My admiration for Barbara Stanwyck is something that has grown over the years, I think she was a darn good actress and she looks magnificent in most clothing and many of her character's ensembles are very inspiring for me, particularly Lily in babyface.

Babs does leopard

Working girl

I want a dress like this, the wrap around detailing is divine.

Lily does harlot chic, I want my hair to do that please.

Adore the novelty print material.

all images via tumblr.


  1. LOVE Stanwyck, LOVE that chess piece print she's working in the color snap with Robert Taylor. Did you ever catch her in Capra's "Forbidden" (1932) with Adolphe Menjou? It was on youtube a while back, and she's just GREAT in it. Thanks for sharing all the pictures!

  2. wow she's amazing...i'm glad to read a post like this...not just the usual celebrities..;)

  3. She has beautiful style, truly I'd never heard of her before now but I love the way she dressed <3

  4. Yes!! I love Stanwyck; her bangs are my hair ideal, and she personifies that '40s tough-meets-glamourous look to me.

  5. Lisa: Oh yes it is adorable, and I did watch it on youtube as well it was brilliant, she was brilliant and I have a soft spot for Menjou.

    Moonstyle: Yeah I though it was about time I started selecting my icons from the past, as that's where I get most of my inspiration.

    Lidiya: Glad I introduced you to her! x

    Dakota: I know I keep wanting to do some faux bangs to create her signature look, I love the characters she played always tough but gorgeous! x

  6. Double Indemnity <3 Ha! I love that gif of her shaking her head! I need to watch all her movies! I'm still stuck on Garbo's right now! Every time I sit down to watch Ninotchka, my last to watch of her's, something happens! And it's the one when she laughs! Ahhh! ;) Hope your week is going well! x

  7. She has such a sexy sullen mouth on her,that broad! Love that face,and Babyface is such a terrific film!

  8. She is adorable! I love her in Double Indemnity.

  9. Zoe: I nicked the gif from tumblr! I have a boxset and revisited last night, she was such a sassy lady, my week is going well thanks, hope yours is too! x

    Helga: She had an unusual kind of beauty, it is a brilliant film so brash! x

    Fiona: She is adorable! I watched it last night the clothes she wears are divine! x