Thursday, 22 December 2011

Style Icon: Jayne Mansfield

Ever since seeing Jayne wiggle her way down the street in The Girl Can't Help It I have been very much partial to her curvaceous OTT style, all pointy boobs and tiny waist, love it.

Images via tumblr


  1. She is Just Gorgeous! With the most fabulous hair!! But what the heck has she done to her poodle?! It looks like she gone at her with her tester pots, perhaps she mistook her for the Dulux dog!
    I do love the look on the poodles face thou its like she seen her reflection and is totally perplexed by it:)

  2. Holy moly she could have put an eye out with those boobies! That's a lot of woman!

  3. Over-the-top is right! Jayne Mansfield is awfully cute, though.

  4. AngeliqueDama: I know!

    Wendy: Aha the poodle does look very perplexed, maybe she was deciding what colour to paint her room?

    Hexotica: She bloody could hah!

    Lauren: Very adorable indeed.

  5. O,she is/was soooo gorgeous!That body!Crikey,I'd kill for a waist like that.That pic in the pink frock in front of the clock makes me feel like torturing myself with a corset...
    Hahaha,the POODLE!Hmmm,does that give you ideas for jazzing up yours for the festive season?!

  6. Helga: I know is anyone made like that anymore? Hah my poodle would not keep still for such pampering! x

    Miss Tallulah: I concur!

    Debi: Glad you like!