Sunday, 6 March 2011

Charity Shop Finds!

So went for a wander round my local charity shops on Saturday, which I haven't really done for ages. Managed to find a 1940s fascinator hat for £1.99! I don't think the shop workers had an idea what they had because they had coats from the 1980s for £24.99 but this little treasure for a bargain price. 

Note wedding dress in background no I am not getting married just didn't
want anyone else to have it on ebay!
Didn't think I would find anything else considering the luck I had in the first shop, but then found this gorgeous 1980s black crepe dress with button details on the sleeves it's way too big but I will take it in when I get round to it for now I will just wear it with my leopard print belt.  Do excuse the terrible posing or lack there of.


  1. That fascinator is lovely, and what a bargain! The dress is pretty too :).

  2. the dress and the belt and the combination of both are very beautiful!

  3. that's very nice of you to say, don't think you can go wrong with black and a bit leopard print!

  4. Sounds like you speak from experience hah