Sunday, 17 April 2011

Little White Lies (2010)

Watched Little White Lies (2010)at the cinema today, and it was great I laughed and cried. It has the talented and stunning Marion Cotillard and the he so looks like Dustin Hoffman François Cluzet, who is definitely becoming one of my favourite actors. 
His performance in this is brilliant, he is nuanced, stubborn and funny. The soundtrack to the film is also brilliant. 


  1. Thankyou! The weather has been amazing, long may it last!!! We deserve it after such a harsh winter! I loved Marion Cotillard in La Vie en Rose so I can't wait to see Little White Lies! Have a great week! x

  2. I know, oh to have proper seasons! La Vie En Rose is superb, such a heart wrenching performance, I think she's so emotive she cries, I cry, but alas I am a pansy. Have you seen A Very Long Engagement? she has a small, but fantastic part in that! Hope you have a lovely week too x