Wednesday, 20 April 2011

Make like Carmen

I think I need to be more creative with my hair, I am growing out a bob and a fringe so I mostly pin curl it but I like to add the occasional  hair accessory/hat. 

Miss Carmen is an inspiration

Par example orchids

The other day I discovered these very darling bird hair clips by now voyager, at £8.50 they are a bit of a bargain, that I may have to give into buying some time soon. Perhaps I should buy several and make like Tippi;

Currently in the midst of creating some new hair pieces for my own etsy shop, which I will share with you soon. Check out this gorgeous fruity number on etsy, that Carmen Miranda definitely would of loved!

Carmen Miranda and Frida Kahlo Inspired Vintage Millinery Fruit Hat
This would be a great way to take in my five a day don't you think?!


  1. WOW I'm thrilled by the fruit hat !!! I also fell in love with Now Voyager hair birds, I ant to buy them all !

  2. Love them all! Carmen is one of my favourite style icons and I have worn many kinds of fruit in my hair in the past. You should look up 'florestry pics' they make lots of small bunches of fruit to put in arrangements that double up as great hair ornaments. x

  3. haha i especially looove the last one! i can't wait until i completely loose it and extensively wear fruits and vegetables on my head every day! so far i stick with flowers and birds!

  4. Thanks girls for your comments!

    Solenn: It is amazing isn't it?! I know I am trying to decide which colour to get from Now Voyager.

    Kelly Marie: See I have never worn fruit in my hair but I feel it will make me a better person if I do hah. Do they have a website, as I did a google search and couldn't find them? Or do you just mean general items florists use?

    Milingmai: Hah I think we will be the same when we are old, crazy ladies with birds and fruit in our hair

  5. i'm looking forward to that! just imagine how grand it will look when we'll meet for tea. wearing a fruitbasket on the head and cake in the face. (at least i won't be able to avoid the last, i'm not really capable of eating elegantly and i doubt this will amend when i'm old and frail)

  6. Ditto I am a very un-lady like eater, I have so many food related stains on my clothes as soon as I wear them, I have to cover them up with brooches!

  7. haha oh yes. thank god there are brooches and patterns that don't show stains too much...

  8. Sorry Hannah, yes they are general items Florest use but I think its more of an America thing. I found mine in American Ebay and some times they come on the Ebay Uk too. If I come across any again I will forward it to you. x

  9. Oh I will have a look on then, thanks! x