Wednesday, 6 April 2011


I know there are a lot of vintage aficionados who are partial to the old turban, and it seems it is now something of a mainstream accessory. I myself have been a big fan ever since grasping the art of how to do pin curls and not only does it hide my hair when I have been too lazy for pin curling (and too lazy to do my roots) , it looks ever so chic! My friend recently brought back an Italian tourist scarf from Rome to add to my small collection, I particularly love scarves with touristy themes. 

Italiano scarf

'Cries of Old London' featuring market sellers.

German scarf cost £1!

Italian sites
My small collection of scarves

You can pick up some marvellous retro/vintage scarves in most vintage stores and ebay. Luckily for me there are quite a few in Manchester,UK that have massive bins of scarves, you have to do some serious delving to get to the decent ones, but it's well worth it. The high street also have their own versions. 

Leopard Print Turban from River Island

Rare French Silk Scarf on Ebay
Just make sure that you style it correctly,  keep it simple, otherwise you may end up looking like the Sultan.


  1. I love novelty printed scarves, esp. tourist ones! You look gorgeous wearing yours as a turban! I tend to go more for the girl guide look (wear mine tied on the neck).

  2. You cannot go wrong with a nice printed scarf. I have tried to wear round my neck but it never seems to look quite right on me!

  3. this turban look can go terribly wrong, but you really look very stylish!

  4. Yes it can, I have actually sported the terribly wrong look when I have my pin curls in, as it looks like I am hiding a small animal under the scarf! But thank you for your compliment!

  5. I think the Sultan is quiet a good style icon! Hehe I do love a good turban, you look so pretty in yours. I got myself a towelling turban for when I do my pin curls, it's great for when I wetset it but it's bright pink so probably wouldn't wear it out as it might look a bit too Juicy couture! Ha x

  6. Thanks Kelly Marie, that's a good idea to use a towel turban when you do pin curls, my scarves always slide off in my sleep. Hah, I can just see it now bright pink turban with tracksuit to match!x

  7. Hehehe! Yes exactly, it's not a good look but it has really helped my pin curls to stay neat. :) x

  8. I love scarves..can you ever have too many? I'm finding my drawer stuffed to the top with various scarves!

    I found your blog via Esme, I really adore your style! :)

  9. I don't think you can ever have too many scarves, I definitely need to add to my collection.

    Thanks so much, really appreciate you following! x

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