Thursday, 7 April 2011


I was watching the fabulously kitsch Batman (1966), and discovered a new idol. Check out Lee Meriwether's oufit aka Miss Kitka/Catwoman; leopard print coat, hat and camera, how divine! I think Miss Kitka would adore Charlotte Olympia's new cat shoes for her autumn 2011 range, how gorgeous are these shoes?!

Miss Kitkaw, knows how to do leopard

Break up your leopard with some block colour

Black cat loafer

Leopard cat loafer

Red cat wedge

Black cat wedge

All shoe images found here, until I win the lottery I shall daydream about these shoes, and I may get some leopard print stickers to cover my camera in, √† la Miss Kitka!


  1. oooh i love batman! in general and especially the 60s version. holy sardine! it's the pinguine!
    miss kitka is gorgeous! and her hat is divine!

    the shoes look really cool, but i could fill a whole evening of one-woman-show-entertainment trying to walk in these wedges...

    ps never forget to bring your anti-shark spray!

  2. I find wedges slightly easier to walk in than normal heels, but yeah they are rather high. Hah that scene with the shark hanging onto the ladder is hilarious! I wish I had all kinds of anti-sprays like Batman and Robin would come in handy.

  3. me too! i think in the series they once had an anti-gravity spray. i'd definitly go for that!

  4. Hah yeah sounds like that could be useful, I must admit I have not watched many of the series since being older, want to see the one with Vincent Price in.

  5. uuh yes!

  6. Eggcellent,(sorry had to do that) aha thanks for the link!

  7. what i like about batman is that even if he has all that fancy equiment he uses it for rescue or transport purpose only but goes with his fist to fight the meanies. even if they threaten him with such rotten things like acid eggs!

  8. Yeah Batman likes to keep it simple at the end of the day, hah.

  9. Oh no I want those black kitty wedges SO badly! :( Better start saving. Miss Kitkaws hat is AMAZING. :) x

  10. If I won the lottery, I would buy all of the wedges I could dream of. I would wear three pairs a day since I would have so many. I love all of these selections, especially the last one. xoxo

  11. Kelly-Marie: I think I need to save money for the leopard loafers, I know it is a fantastic hat. I think I only own two leopard print hats, that my have to be rectified!

    Jennyboo: That would be wonderful, would probably require a room for all those shoes.