Monday, 23 May 2011

Scorpion Queen

Hello, hope you all had a grand weekend, I have been getting ready for Paris! On Sunday, I wore a hand me down Matalan dress of my Mum's. With one of my favourite insect related brooches, a scorpion, which unfortunately has lot it's tail! Yesterday, I gave in to eBay fever and won a vintage lobster brooch which I will show off when it arrives no doubt.

Yeah, check out the pocket detail

I thought this was an effective pose...

Scorpion minus tail

How cute is this M&S food bag?!

Me in motion, mesmerising I know

1950s hat

Bucket & Spade Jelly, tasted like Jam

*Note the title of the post is not me claiming I am this woman, I cannot sadly hold a scorpion in my mouth, only bejewelled ones. 


  1. The dress is absolutely gorgeous!!! ♥

  2. Amazing dress, and the cut looks very good on you! Great outfit in other words ;)

  3. That's such a great dress! Love the elegant cut combined with plaid check-- so unexpected! I'm so jealous of your Paris trip, you lucky thing!! ;-)

  4. Miss Twinkle: Thank you, glad you like it x

    Miss Margarita: Thank you for following, and for your kind words!

    Dakota: Thanks, I know I love the big plaid pattern, I will be sure to share with you all the interesting details when I get back! x

  5. You look amazing! Have a blast in paris. x hivenn

  6. Hivenn: Thank you that's lovely of you to say, and I will hah x

  7. I love your Scorpion brooch !!!