Friday, 6 May 2011

Style Icon: Liz Goldwyn

Fellow leopard print lover

I adore Liz Goldwyn's style, to me it is the perfect combination of quirky and vintage. And she reminds me of Corpse Bride, in a good way. Liz is the grand-daughter of good ol' movie mogul Samuel Goldwyn, her parents are Samuel Goldwyn Jr and actress Frances Howard. Liz is a film maker herself, having directed Pretty Things (2005) (documentary on 20th Century Burlesque) Underwater Ballet (2009)LA at Night (2009). She has worked on the photography and cataloguing of Marlene Dietrich estate as well as the Duke and Duchess of Windsor (can I have that kind of work please?)

Fantastic Cape

Gorgeous polka dot dress

At her book signing

Clashing colours and prints oh yeah

With Dita in Paris

Wearing Sonia Rykiel fur with Dita 

Wearing a 1940s Lobster brooch

Liz has also written a book on burlesque Pretty Things, which is one of the many books I have on my Amazon list.


  1. she is amazing. very inspiring!

  2. Miss Twinkle: she is, I would love to see inside her wardrobe!

  3. She is gorgeous and from the sounds of it has the most amazing vintage collection!
    Hannah you have to get that book it's amazing you will LOVE it! Liz interviews some of the most amazing women and it introduced me to my favourite burlesque stars Zorita:


  4. Think I may have to treat myself to it soon then, wow love Zorita's hair used to have streaks in my hair when I was teen but mine was more Lily Munster hah x