Monday, 6 June 2011

Paris: Cemeteries

The Parisian cemeteries had to be some of my favourite sites during my stay, the first one we went to was Père Lachaise ( as recommended by Dial V for Vintage and Kelly Marie, thank you lovelies) was breathtakingly beautiful, it felt like being in another world, so calm. It amazes me how ornate the tombs and graves used to be, it now seems that death is so taboo that tombs and graves have to be hidden away and as a result all look the same, and therefore more depressing in my opinion. 

Oscar Wilde

Edith Piaf

Jim Morrison

Montparnasse Cemetery, wasn't as beautiful as the other two but still had it's own charm. 

Jean Paul-Sartre &  Simone de Beauvoir

Serge Gainsbourg

Montmartre Cemetery was my second favourite, we did not explore it as much as we would have liked to, way too tired by the time we got there!  

Hector Berlioz


  1. I'm glad you liked Père Lachaise! I'd love to go back there... The two other cemeteries look beautiful too, I haven't visited them yet!

  2. You must visit them if you ever go back to Paris, especially the one in Montmartre. x

  3. So pleased you liked it! Glad you found Oscar, Jim and Edith! :) xxx

  4. Yeah I really loved it, yeah they weren't hard to find follow the other tourists hah. x

  5. I visited Père Lachaise 13 years ago and have wanted to go back ever since. A very strange and beautiful experience.

  6. Isis: It was such a beautiful place, I will remember it forever.