Monday, 6 June 2011


I was rather surprised about the food in Paris, I was expecting amazing little bistro's on every corner, but instead we found overpriced, completely lacking in creativity and flavour touristy restaurants. I think you need to know where to go, or perhaps have a lot more money. Either way we did manage to find a couple of nice places, and the boulangerie's supplied us with enough sweet delicacies to be getting on with. 

Snail cutlery

This was Le Progres in Montmartre, it had a lovely relaxed atmosphere and Ben was desperate to try snails (I did not, way too squeamish) apparently they had a strange texture but just tasted like the garlic butter they were drowned in. The food was okay, better than some of the other meals we had. 

This looks nicer than it was 


Pistachio meringue

These two little tastes of heaven were from the  Aux Castelblangeois a lovely bakery, on Rue Saint Honore, right near the Louvre and they were only around 3.00 euros each. 

Pistachio and raspberry with cream macaroon 

Aux Merveilleux de Fred, was a delightful meringue shop that I had read about on the HiP Paris Blog. It was well worth the trek to find it, it was in the 15th district. I had the white chocolate one it was gorgeous, a bit sickly towards the end mind. I just love the way they put them in cute little boxes.

In Marais we headed to L'aus du Falafel, which is suppose to be the best falafel in Paris. It was tasty but nothing amazing, there was a massive queue to get your order in. 

Candelaria, a Mexican restaurant in Marais was probably my favourite, it is very tiny inside but the food is mighty tasty, I forgot to take pictures of the food as we ate it so quickly. But here is a picture of the Mexican soft drinks which were yummy. 

Tacos picture from HiP Paris Blog

This was the most delicious apricot and pistachio tart, which I got from a bakery next to the flea market Port de Vanves in Montparnasse. 

Pistachio & chocolate croissant 

Another lovely bakery near the Notre Dame which I cannot remember the name of, with a wonderful selection of meringues, why do they not have meringues like this in the UK? I got a pistachio one, I think I have a problem with pistachio related items now. Which reminds me I must share with you a cupcake recipe for pistachio and apricot.   

Pistachio cake with marzipan

Citron tart

Pistachio meringue (another)

Now for the infamous Angelina tearoom,  I wanted to go here just for the hot chocolate alone. The hot chocolate was well worth the ridiculous prices (15.00 euros for two) but the cakes were not as lovely as ones you can get at a fraction of the price in  any number of bakeries.

Choux pastry

Apple tart with salt caramel

I am now daydreaming about opening a bakery, with macaroons, meringues and pistachio related tasties galore as well as a traditional Mexican restaurant, I feel the UK needs both, well I know I do. 



  1. My goodness that looks amazing! Well done on finding such a great selection of treats and places to eat, I'm the same when I go to Paris, you seem to be constantly surrounded by overpriced tourist traps, I guess you just have to really know where you're going :)

  2. Thank you Miss Katie, glad we weren't the only ones to be confronted with bland overpriced food!