Wednesday, 8 June 2011

Paris: For the Love of Macaroons

Macaroon necklace by Christophe Roussel

Ever since I have been following blogs I have always been fascinated with beautiful pictures of pastel coloured macaroons; they look so elegant and pretty. Now my first taste of them came courtesy of Tesco, hah yes they started selling them for about £1.50*, they were tasty and pretty. But then, in Paris I entered a whole new world of macaroons, oh boy not only are they beautiful to look at, but the myriad of flavours are amazing.

The first placed I purchased macaroons from was Christophe Roussel, who is making a name for himself with his fantastic creations. His store in Montmartre was heaven, the assistant was so sweet there too. My favourite flavour had to be the salted butter fudge, it is divine. As was the pistachio and morello cherry.

Then LadurĂ©e was the only other option I really wanted to try, we never got round to making it to one of the stores in Paris, but thankfully there was one at the airport. It was so beautifully packaged with a little note detailing the history of the brand. The blackcurrant one was my favourite, and the orange blossom was magical when you bit into it smelt like jasmine. I love the frivolity and elegance that macaroons give, I am going to take a stab and making some of my own soon, I will be sure to share the (disastrous) attempt. 

Perfect picnic

We saved these Macaroons for a picnic at the weekend with two of my other favourite items; fentimans curiosity cola and oak smoked Lancashire cheese, from the local farm shop, Red House Farm (we did have bread, jam and crackers but they aren't as exciting). 

 * I have since discovered that tesco have discontinued there macaroons, it makes me dislike them even more that I do already.


  1. Those LaDuree macarons look macarons should look!!! ONE day I will get back to Paris and try me some of those beauties!!! sigh!

  2. Oh they were Baroness, positively like heaven in your mouth, I wish I had bought more!

  3. i looove macarons.your paris posts really give me wanderlust. *sigh*

  4. "I entered a whole new world of macaroons"
    that sounds great ;)
    I must confess that I've never tried macaroons.
    Shame on me...