Friday, 1 July 2011

Don't Call Me Shirley

I watched Can Can (1960) the other day and it rekindled my love for Shirley MacLaine. I have only seen in her a handful of films but I love her style of acting, she is so sweet and quirky. The Apartment is one of my favourite films, it breaks my heart and makes me laugh, which is always a good combination. Can Can was entertaining, mainly because of the costumes and the fact its suppose to be set in Montmartre.

Simone (Shirley's character) wears the most amazing pink velvet dress with black net accent, it is simply dreamy!

I want the love seat

Simone flying by butterfly

What girl hasn't wanted pink hair at some point?

Irma La Douce 1963

I want some green stockings! 

Whoever said red and green should never go together?

Shirley and Jack Lemmon

The Apartment

Most of the images I found on this terrific tumblr
What's your favourite Shirley film?

The title refers to one of my favourite lines in film history 


  1. I watched this the other day too! I really enjoyed it and Shirley was so beautiful, but I wish she hadn't ended up with sleazy Frank Sinatra ;) x

  2. Yeah it is fun to watch, yeah why was Frank where a 'contemporary' hat throughout v.amusing! x

  3. I have to watch this one, I love Shirley too! The poster is so pretty :). The Apartment is such a wonderful movie!