Sunday, 3 July 2011

Style Icon: Charlotte Dellal

I have a slight obsession with Charlotte Dellal, the Brazilian English Charlotte Olympia shoe designer, I adore her style so much. Her shoes are gorgeous and very much inspired by the past, alas they are out of my price range, but one day perhaps I will buy a pair! Her style is quirky, colourful and fun, which is everything I aspire to be, but I sometimes (a lot)
end up looking like a bag lady. She has a serious penchant for leopard print, hats and red lipstick so how can I not adore her?

At the Surrealist Ball

Pink Cashmere & Bananas is my business shoes

I need more leopard hats

1940s number

Hot pink & leopard

Fruit Salad Look

Cat hat and Charlotte Olympia Clutch

How amazing is this hat?

Double leopard print, swoon

Love these trousers

Bow tastic

I have looked everywhere for a hat like this, even under my bed

Charlotte Olympia cobweb seamed tights, yes please


  1. Oh, she's so beautiful, and what amazing clothes!! You know, I think you actually resemble her quite a bit, both in face and style :)

  2. Oh wow. She's got great style! Thanks for sharing these pictures. Also, I don't think you ever look like a bag lady. ;]
    -Andi x

  3. Beautiful woman! Amazing outfits!
    Hugs and kisses

  4. She is amazing, effortless glamour with a sense of humour. I love her heart hat and the banana bag. That veil at the surrealist ball is so clever. xx

  5. she is amazing! beautiful dresses and hats ♥

  6. I love the picture from the surrealist ball - absolute genius!

  7. Thank you ladies for all your lovely comments, glad you all share my kinda taste!

    Dakota: I wish I did look like her! very sweet of you to say.

    Andi: I assure you I do tend to, especially at winter hah.x

  8. Ooh she's divine! As are her shoes...I'm just wistfully looking too for now but one day will be rocking some!