Wednesday, 17 August 2011

Purty Dress

I don't normally get over excited about high street clothes but the middle bird print one which I saw recently in Elle magazine is just gorgeous. Apparently it is not out until mid October and will be £39.99 I love the Miu Miu influence and will definitely be getting it. Are you currently coveting anything? 

Camilla Belle looking divine in Miu Miu

Miu Miu 2011


  1. That middle dress sure is pretty & reasonably priced. You will look amazing in it. I really try not to buy any new clothing, but if I were to lift the ban, there are some bathing suits I'd love to own, namely the pot leaf one piece from Minnow Bathers & the horsie zip up bathing suit from We are Handsome (which is already sold out).

  2. Aaaw thanks, yeah I do try and be good and only get second hand. Oh the one shouldered horse frill one from we are handsome is gorgeous!x

  3. I really like the one on the right, because it has a neckline that's more flattering on me! I just can't wait until sweater weather!

  4. Baroness: They are aren't they so nice to see a dress that is a flattering length, instead of the usual bum cheek skimming ones.

    Lauren: It has a beautiful neckline, think we best both get one each hah.