Tuesday, 22 November 2011

Style Icon: Lauren Bacall

I love this woman, her voice, her look, her acting oh and if you haven't read her autobiography Be Myself and then Some I suggest you do, she is witty, sharp and sardonic. She was the perfect model for  my favourite era of clothing, I bought a hounds tooth suit a la Slim in To Have and Have Not just so I can pretend I am as sleek as her. 

I have this picture in my room, it is such a classic look that I always love. 


Love the coin bracelet.

My hounds tooth suit is not really anything like this but hey I definitely channel her when I wear it, if anyone wants to make/find me one feel free, ta! 

Just adore this photo she looks beautiful. 

This dress is brilliant. 

All images found on this fierce tumblr.


  1. She is without a doubt my favorite actress! :)

  2. She is amazing and always will be! P.s Your sparkle shoes are amazing too! I have all the materials to either kill a pair of my shoes or make them sparkle with new life! :) Hope your week is going swimmingly! ;) x

  3. I totally get your feeling! I mean why we can all dress like her now!I wish I could dress like that! I honestly think this is so elegant and beautiful. I will check her autobiography you made me curious about it.x

  4. Dial V: Mine too, need to watch more of her films.

    Zoe: I concur! My week went well thank you, I think you should make them sparkle with new life x

    Rand T: Glad you like her.

    Victoria: She is and was so elegant, her book is wonderful be sure to get it! x

  5. She always looks fabulous. I'm definitely not as glamorous a Lauren as she is. I need to work on that! Anyway, I love the coin bracelets, too, and the ring in the photo where she's lighting the cigarette.

  6. She does, she has the perfect look for carrying off all kinds of clothes, yeah that chunky ring is rather lovely.