Monday, 21 November 2011

Check out my sparkles

Nothing says Christmas like sparkle and nothing says I am a sophisticated lady like a pair of glittery mary janes; they say look I have the mentality of a five year old, but oh yes I can walk in massive heels, I am successful in life. Oh and my chain mail 1930s bag is a present from me lovely via eBay, snazzy eh? The shoes are from marks and sparks. 
Do you like? they were rather cheap and one and half sizes smaller than usual, which makes me feel feminine, and confused about shoe sizes. 


  1. Love it! I think every girl should own something sparkly! :) Oh I love your wallpaper by the way!

  2. Glad you agree, I am like a magpie! thank you x

  3. O,good god woman,those shoe are DIVINE!
    Ooo,AND the handbag!Squee! I have ENVY!
    Sparkles are essential,I'm quite sure.Right up there with leopard print!I do hope we see you rocking these beauties over the silly season!
    ooo,I just had a vision of a sparkley leopard print frock! YOWZA!
    O,I'm wearing 4 inch heels today,and for some reason they are killing me! Bloody annoying,I like to think that I was born to wear heels!

  4. Ah, those shoes are amazing!!! Although I'm usually not one for modern fashion, I am completely smitten by the super-tall mary jane trend; they're so whimsical. And the purse... so gorgeous!

  5. Shoe sizes ARE confusing! That's why I never order shoes online - if I haven't already tried on a pair from a certain shoe brand, so I know how big their sizes are. Sometimes I need size 36, other times 37. Hm...Love your shoes tho! Shoes and handbags are the perfect "glitter spots" in an outfit! :)

  6. Helga: I am so clumsy in heels but I do love wearing them. Sparkly leopard print frock would be gorgeous! x

    Dakota: Thanks! yeah I tend to go for brogues and have lots of pin up style shoes and some 30s style, I find it hard to get good shoes.

    Miss Meadows: Glad you agree I have bought three pairs online over the past few months and none of them fit properly, I just don't think shoes are made right these days! glitter spot love it hah

  7. Wow! These are fantastic. I love sparkly, glittery anything. :)
    -Andi x

  8. Me too I am rocking glittery nails this week make me smile everytime I look at them, I am a geek for glitter. x