Saturday, 19 November 2011

This Gun for Hire (1942)

I am having a Veronica Lake month, I have just watched I Married a Witch and then This Gun for Hire was on TV, Veronica plays Ellen, a nightclub performer who gets involved with shifty contract killer Philip Raven, played by Alan Ladd.  Her nightclub performances are so cute, all magic and charm. And Alan Ladd's anti hero is unusual, in that he is more psychologically disturbed and complex than most film noir guy's.

I want this ensemble please, nutty guy with busted wrist is optional I am guessing.

Shadow puppets!

Images found via tumblr.


  1. I've been wanting to see this one for a long time now but I can't seem to find it! Even on the internet there are almost no downloads... I guess I'll just have to search harder! :)

  2. Wow...Veronica Lake's outfits in this movie are HOT! I haven't seen this yet...but it's now on the list!!

  3. Dial V: Its on youtube
    not sure whether it will work for your country though! hope it does x

    Debi: Yeah definitely watch it she looks flawless in her gowns and dresses x

  4. Beautiful! I just love "oldfashion" How elegant she looks! The dress with the shoulder pads it's gorgeous! I will love to find something like that in the shops :)

  5. Yep, I think this is my favourite of the films they made together! Mainly because of Ladd's character being, as you said, a bit unconventional for a noir lead. Then again, I also really love The Blue Dahlia...hmmm. Either way, give me all of Lake's clothes (and her hair) and I'll be happy. ;)
    -Andi x

  6. Oooh I've just ordered a Noir box set with this film in it!! Really looking forward to watching it now especially for the outfits!!

  7. Victoria: Isn't it just, I reckon you could whip something up like that with your DIY skills!

    Andi: I need to watch The Blue Dahlia again, I did Veronica hair today but couldn't work it as I need to see where I am going aha. Yeah I want all her clothes her being 4"11 would be an issue for me mind xx

    Wendy: Oh you cannot beat Noir, I am always in the mood for it, maybe its because I am moody!

  8. Nutty guy with busted wrist is NOT optional! ;-)

    I've got this saved on my capture card--need to get to watching my recorded movies!

  9. The busted wrist is so freaky!