Monday, 20 June 2011

Style Icon: Natasha Khan

I fell in love with Bat For Lashes last year her music is ethereal and beautiful as is her style. She has a penchant for eccentric head gear, which makes me love her even more. Her music makes me want to run through a forest with no shoes on, which is a good thing.

Love these trousers

Watch the above interview the antique marxophone makes the most amazing sounds

Tried to credit most pictures, all found via google.


  1. Oh, my goodness, yes! Bat for Lashes is amazing!

  2. Baroness: She is so talented her music makes me forget the humdrum of everyday routines and daydream about forests and bats hah x

  3. I love Bat for Lashes - her music is so magical and dreamlike, yet so "real".

  4. Rachael: couldn't agree more, her music is very earthy.

  5. She is so wonderful! I want that swan hat too! :) xx

  6. Kelly Marie: Glad you agree, the hat is so beautiful x

    Jess: She does indeed, very inspiring!