Thursday, 14 July 2011

Abandoned Buildings are My Dream Houses

When I went for a bike ride at the weekend I had to photograph one of the numerous empty buildings that I would love to convert into a home, this is near an old Linotype warehouse and was built in 1833. 

Barnes Hospital 

Image here

Barnes Hospital, built in 1875, is another favourite of mine, it is breathtakingly beautiful. I would love to live somewhere like this. It is apparently being converted into 53 apartments, and 7 town houses, which would be amazing and most probably very pricey to live in. Do you have any buildings that you daydream that you could live in?

Other dream houses of mine

Practical Magic House

Addams Family House


  1. There use to be a totally ruin down old railway cottage a couple of miles from where I live. It was by an old station with it's own platform still, but was all boarded up and flowers taken over the place. Was a gorgeous little cottage. It's been brought and down up since but it would have made a gorgeous little home.

  2. There are too many beautiful old houses I want to live in. The ones you have photographed are amazing, I'm glad they are being turned into something, it seems a shame to leave them to ruin. Let's hope they keep all the original features in a tact. :) x

  3. I'm also found of abandonned houses, I'd like to live in so many of them !
    Tha white one is amazing !

  4. Ooh, Barnes Hospital is lovely! I hope they do a decent conversion... It always makes me slightly nervous to hear about old buildings being converted into flats - I think they're fabulous when they're done well but you have to hope for a sympathetic architect who responds to the essence of the building, not one that just keeps the facade and goes to town on the interiors!

    And I'm not even going to attempt to answer your question about what building I'd like to live in because there's just too many to choose from, I'd be here all night trying to decide!

  5. Oh, I loveee abandoned buildings! You have some real beauties in your neighborhood!
    There are lots of gorgeous empty old farmhouses around my area; it's tragic to see them going to ruin, but there's something so gorgeous and romantic about them in their state of decay, too-- the weeds, the vines, the peeling wallpaper! There's actually a huge old deserted apartment building that looks just like the Addams family home in a little town near me, I'll have to photograph it someday.

  6. Rachael: That sounds amazing, so strange the way such places get wasted.

    Kelly Marie: I know I do hope they do not try and modernise too much, it is nice to keep everything in keeping I think.

    Solenn: I have adored the white house ever since I was young when I first saw Practical Magic, would be a dream home!

    Miss Marie: It is breathtaking in real life. Will have to wait and see what they will do, hopefully they will not just be wanting to make lots of money and think about how to stay true to the architecture. Hah, that's okay think we share similar taste!

    Dakota: I know I have seen a few of your posts on amazing homes, you seem to have so many near you. You must go visit the Addams style house it sounds fantastic.

    Thank you girls for all your lovely comments! x

  7. I just love your blog, you have some lovely interests, and I just adore the Practical Magic house too! Hx