Wednesday, 13 July 2011

Frida Kahlo Style

Painting completed my life

I have posted before about my love of Frida Kahlo, and at the weekend I tried my best to imitate her fantastic ribbon braid hair do. I love the way she expressed herself not only through her art, but by what she wore as well. She had such a difficult life but managed to create constantly.  I think I am always drawn to passionate and heart wrenchingly honest people.

 I am wearing my new dress, which I wish was floor length. I am trying to make more of an effort with my hair, but I always prefer it down, what is your favourite hair do?  

She had a great love of animals, as she was unable to bare children after a horrific auto mobile accident.

Have you seen the film Frida with Salma Hayek? I watched it a few years ago, I love Alfred Molina so think I need to watch it again. 

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  1. She was such an inspiring women in so many ways. This look really suits you, you look beautiful! Frida is one of the reasons I almost always have flowers in my hair ( If i'm not wearing a hat). :-) xx

  2. I think I need to get some books on her, I started watching a documentary on youtube that was really good. Thank you I am very eclectic when it comes to clothes, some would say schizophrenic hah. Love that you wear flowers all the time! x

  3. Frida Kahlo was so fascinating and so inspiring, and of course I just love the vibrant traditional Mexican aesthetics she championed!
    Your outfit is beautiful, a very fitting tribute to Frida!!

  4. Yeah I keep daydreaming about visiting Mexico one day, would love to see the Kahlo museum, and the food yum! Thank you for your sweet compliment x

  5. very nteresting post, you've got a lovely dress !