Monday 30 January 2012


Bonjour petals, have I ever told you about my love for Jacques Tati? yes I know I have but, I got this t-shirt and another (which I am sure I will share too) for Christmas and I love it, thought I would go the whole Tati hog with half mast trousers vintage £6! and blazer, which is part of a suit I got yonks ago on eBay but with Mr T. Gold, you would not believe the looks I got because of my white socks you would think I was wearing scuba flippers. Does it ever bother you people staring at you because you dress different to the 'norm'?

There is just something about Tati's work that gets me right to the core, its sweet and innocent yes but Tati's observant view on modernity and how we isolate ourselves from people the more advanced we get as a society is so spot on. As well as how easy it is to misunderstand a situation and people and the fact that he didn't need words to convey so many things, is just so inspiring to me, Playtime has to be one of my all time favourite films.  Every shot of his work is like a piece of art so much has gone into it. But now for the funny faces; 

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Thursday 26 January 2012

Up Do

I made my first attempt at a 1940s up do the other day, I was channelling Rita and Betty but ended up looking more Victorian wet nurse? think its my new shirt, the collar is very stern looking? Spot the toilet, I am classy.

Wet Nurse

Monday 23 January 2012

Thunder Birds (1942)

Gene Tierney is in Thunder Birds, what more do you want? Gene plays ranch girl Kay Saunders, whose old flame Steve Britt played by Preston Foster is back in town to coach newly recruited pilots, however things get awkward when 'charming' British doctor Peter Stackhouse joins the ranks, (he is scared of heights but wants to honour the family tradition) and Kay falls for Peter, even though he is a wet blanket compared to Steve, geez. Plus Steve has a moustache so he wins for me hands down, any who it is an enjoyable film, just for the clothes really.  

Matching dress and bag squeal!

This is what I would do if I was in the vicinity of Miss Tierney. 

I wanna dress like a cowgirl 

Screen caps by me

Saturday 21 January 2012

Kitty, Daisy & Lewis

Kitty, Daisy & Lewis, I love you, please can I be your fourth member?, I can play the triangle real well. Seriously though, you need to check this talented trio out, I fell hook, line and sinker for them when I came across a cover of going up the country they did, and now they have a new album out more heavenly tunes to listen to, plus how gorgeous are they?

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Monday 16 January 2012

The Woman in Black

I am so excited to see this film, I really need to read the book. But how cool is this Hammer inspired poster?

Thrift Whore

Today a friend in work gave me this excerpt from urban dictionary which is quite fitting for me really (charity shop whore British version). This weekend I got some right goodies; a 1940s velvet hat for £6, a cream blouse with big ass sleeves think its 70s or 80s from a newly discovered vintage stall which is local to me yay, and then a silk horse scarf for £3 and an old biddy skirt for £3.95 it is by Lakeland but looks rather 1930s, I must say, both from a charity shop. Oh and I have had this 1950s arrow brooch from eBay for awhile now and that was only £2, I am cheap. P.S I have a new phone, I have entered the 21st century it has like internet and a camera that works, hence the seductive poses y'all . I have found that I am mostly buying from charity shops these days, as vintage tends to be out of my budget half the time. Where do you spend your pennies? do you budget yourself? 

Thursday 12 January 2012

Toile de Jouy Fooey

I have had this 1950s toile de jouy print dress for months it was several sizes too big, but I still wore it because that's how I roll, however I finally got round to taking it in. I love cotton dresses 'need' more and it was only £10 on eBay. Do excuse the crappy hair it was my first day getting dressed after a week in bed, pin curls were not happening soz. Check out my new asos heels, I am like totally tall in them and feel like my ankles are going to snap, so that's great. I adore toile de jouy and always threaten to take my mum's curtains down a la Scarlett O'Hara, it seems Dita has already done this.

Style Icon: Marlene Dietrich

My love and admiration for Marlene has grown over the years, I never used to quite understand her charm. But then it him me, I think it took Blonde Venus to show me her charisma, charm and talent. She was a gorgeous creature, intelligent just wonderful really. I much prefer 30s style Marlene I think, but she looked gorgeous throughout. I thoroughly recommend her autobiography, she goes into great detail about how she selected materials for her clothes in Shanghai Express (the feathers were hard to get hold of). I had the pleasure of seeing a lot of her personal items and costumes at the film museum in Berlin, I got so emotional seeing it all, she is a true icon to me. Tomorrow I do believe I shall do Dietrich brows instead of my usual Crawford circa 1957. 

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