Wednesday 31 July 2013

Leave you when the summer comes a rolling

This was my ensemble for work last Thursday, we had a themed week to raise money for charity. It was supposed to be music festival, so I dressed like a Led Zeppelin groupie, in my favourite dress and vintage jacket. Inca helped me change the bed, can you see how helpful she was? Helpful by being so ruddy adorable. Sorry about the amazingly frizzy hair. 

Tuesday 23 July 2013

The Wallace Collection

We paid a visit to the Wallace Collection when we stayed in London last month, and boy did it make my little heart flutter, opulent furniture far as the eye could see, and it's free entry. We also visited the Soane and The Hunterian museums, I absolutely adored Sir John Soane's converted home, it was a treasure trove. 

Would like to add this suite to our house!

Couple of snaps from the V&A before Ben informed me I wasn't supposed to be taking pictures in this part! I'm a sucker for Asian vintage fashion. 

Monday 15 July 2013

What a novelty

 Many a vintage lover always gets giddy at the prospect of a novelty print dress. Well I don't really know if this dress falls into that category, but boy is it dream. I won it on eBay 9 bids in, accidentally, I might add in the loo's at work, bidding on eBay alleviate's the stress of being in work hah. It's about two sizes too big, but I like that in a vintage dress, because it's less likely I will rip it being the clumsy fool I am.
I'd messed with my hair so much this day, but ended up with my Wallis Simpson style do, I feel an affiliation towards Wallis; I'm by no stretch a stereotypically pretty girl but I do try and dress my best, most of the time!

Inca wondering why I am being such a poseur. 

New cushions from Zara, I love anything insect, bug related!

Much love from your eBay addicted trollop. 

Sunday 7 July 2013

Summer Wine

On Friday me and Benjamin had a much needed day off, we went to our favourite Tex Mex restaurant and then watched The East, I thought it was quite good, but the darkness of the trailer wasn't really evident in the film itself. But I do love Toby Kebbell. I am wearing my newest dirndl style dress, unfortunately the zip is knackered do had it safety pinned, I'm so chic. Hope you are enjoying the wonderful sunshine if you're in the UK!