Saturday 30 June 2012

Monday 25 June 2012

You're dearer to me than all the bats in all the caves in the world

Hello Petals, did you have a nice weekend? Why do they fly by? I do think it should be a five day weekend and two days in work, who do I write to about this? Any who, this my devil child/children of the corn look. I made the pinafore a few weeks ago it is rather wonky, but matches my teeth. The shoes are from golden ponies I have been waiting on them since February, I do not think my feet translate well in Mexican sizes as this is my second pair and they still pinch, but they are so cute. I bought the headband on Saturday from Topshop, as I am addicted to the accessories. The teddy bear is my mums she has had it for over 6 decades, he is adorable no? I am regressing back to childhood as being an adult is too much responsibility, like driving past the petrol station when my tank is on empty because I cannot be bothered. I am waffling, have a magical week. 

Sunday 24 June 2012

The Countess de Castiglione

Narcissist, surrealist, courtesan, Virginia Oldoini has been called many things, but right now she is an inspiration to me. Born in Florence to an upper crust family, she married Francesco Verasis, conte di Castiglione, at the age of 17.  Travelling to Paris with her husband, her cousin,  Camillo, conte di Cavour, a minister to, the King of Sardinia beseeched Virginia to use her enchanting ways on Napoleon III,  to strengthen relations between Italy and France.This worked in some manner as the two began a torrid affair.  In this time she socialised with European royalty and was infamous for her ostentatious costumes;

'One of her most infamous outfits was a Queen of Hearts costume. George Frederic Watts painted her portrait in 1857. She was described as having long, wavy blonde hair, pale skin, a delicate oval face, and eyes that constantly changed colour from green to an extraordinary blue-violet.'- wiki

In 1856 she met Pierre-Louis Pierson who she would collaborate on over 400 self portraits, she was basically a blogger, before it was cool. 

'Fascinated by her own beauty, the countess would attempt to capture all its facets and re-create for the camera the defining moments of her life. Far from being merely a passive subject, it was she who decided the expressive content of the images and assumed the art director's role, even to the point of choosing the camera angle. She also gave precise directions on the enlargement and repainting of her images in order to transform the simple photographic documents into imaginary visions—taking up the paintbrush herself at times. Her painted photographs are among the most beautiful examples of the genre. ' - Malcolm Daniel, The Metropolitan Musuem of Art

As her beauty withered with age, the Countess retreated to an apartment in the Place Vendôme  and painted it it funerary black and banished mirrors, only going out at night hidden by veils and her elaborate costumes. 

Majority of images from here.

I am now going to wander around in a floor length veil.
I recommend watching this short film inspired by the lady if you are at all intrigued.

Friday 22 June 2012

Some Like it Hot

The weather is truly depressing, raining none stop, so I am dressing like  a hot chilli to counteract this. I bought this delightful chilli top from Bury Market of all places, I love that Dolce & Gabanna can filter all the way to Bury. Also wearing some dirt cheap chilli accessories that fall apart everytime I wear them so I then fix them again. What are you doing this weekend? I am going to wedding not sure what to wear? P.S. when I grow up I want to be Monica Bellucci 

Slight camel toe, apologies.

 Dolce & Gabbana images here

Monday 18 June 2012

"I was born when she kissed me. I died when she left me. I lived a few weeks while she loved me.

 I like to bid on eBay like I have no budget or space issues, but I hit the jackpot the other week when I won these 1930s-1940s collars with slipper bag. I didn't realise how many were included. I have only worn one so far, but I am having fun daydreaming about what else I can pair them all with, any ideas? The dress was around £5 including postage ages ago its a bit knackered but I love it, very partial to a crepe dress.

 The quote is from one of my favourite Bogey films In A Lonely Place

Friday 15 June 2012

Can never have too many dresses

Last Sunday I went to the lovely Vintage Village at Stockport Market, and I got the most amazing haul all for £39! I was very giddy when I saw the racks of goodies, not sure who the seller was but she was so sweet. Now my room is overflowing with gorgeousness.

From the left black 1950s button detail top as seen here, white lace detail top think 1960s, ridiculously frilly gingham dress, drool worthy 1950s blue jacket with diamanté detail, petticoat, 1950s Mexican theme skirt and what looks to be a wedding dress, all £5 each! 

Then got these fabulous bottles for £1 each, you can still smell the balsam on the jars, and the light green one is an old HP sauce bottle! A lovely man sold them to me who had apparently dug them from a Victorian dump?! Shall definitely be going again, although I may have to start sleeping on my clothes. 

Wednesday 13 June 2012

If I broke your heart last night, its because I love ya

I just wanted an excuse to post this song, please can someone get a ukulele and sing it to me. 

Style Icon: Hedy Lamarr

Actress, inventor, this beautiful lady is such an icon of mine. I have yet to see the risque Ecstasy, which caught many an eye. But I have seen a number of her Hollywood films. I love her hair, wish I could get away with a middle parting, alas I am too horse faced. 

Images via tumblr

Monday 11 June 2012

Elegantly Waisted

I cannot wear anything that is not going to keep my kidneys warm when it comes to trousers, which is also a bonus when you a purchase a crop top and don't want to flash at work. This 1950s blouse was £5 from The Vintage Village in Stockport, I will be showing you more of my finds as I get tons, some of it slightly practical which is not always what I aim for. The gold necklace was only £4 from an antique shop in Ironbridge, I do struggle to unfasten it though, so it has been teamed with my stripey men's pyjamas, oh yeah elegant. 

I am in need of watching W.E. has anyone seen it yet? I am totally channelling her hair wise. 

P.S. Don't you hate it when you miss out on a fricking 1930s crepe dress because your broadband is crap? Well I do.