Saturday 31 May 2014

Style Icon: Gene Tierney

If you have been reading my blabbering for awhile you will know I simply adore the girl with the overbite, Gene Tierney I simply adore you. I watched The Ghost and Mrs Muir this afternoon and loved it so much. I want to go live by the sea now and wait for a friendly ghost to come haunt me. Any ways just as an excuse to post more pictures of Gene lets have a gander at her sartorial offerings. 

Gene in Autumn/Winter

Leopard print, she seemed to very partial to a dash of leopard. 

Love this I need a hat like that stat. 

Can never have too many brooches, this snap looks so modern. 

Oh my this wide brimmed hat, that hair that face.

Double glam shot, lace and fur with Rita. 

Aaah this two piece oh my gawd need it. 

Gene in Spring/Summer

Red and pink always wanted to try this combo.

This three piece is just divine and the co-ordinating sandals too much cuteness. 

How chic is she cozy and a straw bag!
Blurry two piece shot, she must have been doing shots for The Egyptian here.

Finally Gene in a beautiful blue one piece.

Hope you enjoyed my lovelies

Tuesday 13 May 2014

You're dearer to me than all the bats in all the caves in the world.

I bought a Charles Addams book from eBay over a year ago and thought it was a bit sacrilegious to pull pages out of it to frame, but I did my bad. All the frames were from £1 land and sprayed gold, they don't look to shabby besides a few marks here and there.  

The garland I'd been meaning to make ever since seeing a lovely garland on Kelly Marie's Etsy, so with a hula hoop and my ever expanding collection of dried roses I got busy with some floral tape. Such a school girl error I should have sprayed the hoop gold first aah well, you live n learn.

 Incase you don't follow me on instagram lil Inca helping me with crafting!