Thursday 31 May 2012

Pastel Houses & The Seashore

PicMonkey Collage by lacunacoiled
Dartmouth is such a beautiful town full of candy coloured houses and creepy looking steps. Already want to go back. 

Wishful Thinking

It's my birthday tomorrow, so I am daydreaming about what treats I would buy myself if I had the pennies hah. Which is your favourite? 

Jacques Tati Print
Cactus Earrings
Sea Witch
Lilli Ann Jacket

Wall Tentacle
Bed Jacket
1940s hat

Wednesday 30 May 2012


I was hoping that I would come back with a whole attire wardrobe worth of goodies, alas the shopping goddess was not smiling on me that much. However, I did treat myself to Norma, she is my new favourite dress, she is stained and seen better days, but my isn't she beautiful? I also purchased some vintage porcelain and a silver tray, and a little crystal bowl to store my kirby grips oh and my lovely found that lovely shell for me, so I didn't do too badly! 

If you ever happen to be in Totnes do take a trip to Revival, the prices were rather steep for my budget but to look at all the gorgeous shawls, hats and dresses is a treat. 

I fell for this beautiful dress but alas she was too small for my Dolly Parton bust. 
On a side note can anyway advise on storage of photos for blogger? it seems I have reached my 1gb limit, has this happened to any of you lovelies? and if so what did you do? pay extra for more storage or just stop x-large-ing all ya pics?  Any help would be much appreciated! 

Monday 28 May 2012

Greenway - Agatha Christie's Holiday Abode

Boo petals! did you miss me a lil bit? I got back Saturday and I am still in holiday mode. The weather was absolutely gorgeous, which I was not expecting and packed mostly heavy dresses and woolly tights, not that I am complaining. Dartmouth is so beautiful, I miss waking up to the sea and castle at my feet. I mostly ate chips and ice cream the whole week, it's a new diet I am trying.  Thought I would first share with you my trip to Agatha Christie's holiday home. 

On the last day we took a boat to Greenway, the magnificent estate where Agatha Christie used to reside, the view from her home was breathtaking and the inside made me positively giddy. Unfortunately no photos were allowed, but if you ever get chance to visit I recommend it, for the stunning grounds alone. I have managed to find a few photos of the inside online to whet your apetite;

Agatha in her library

The library was a delight, the mural had been painted by servicemen who stayed there. 

The inside of the house was apparently much as to how Agatha had it, lots of chintzy fabric and amazing family collections of silverware and porcelain. There was even a row of dominoes laid out on the floor, a piano stacked with music sheets and dotted with family photos. 

But the piece de residence for me was her room, I walked in and there was a large bed to the left with a single one next to it, then I turned around and saw her wardrobe, well I practically ran over to it and would of climbed into to the wardrobes themselves if it hadn't been for some pesky but lovely old suitcases barricading the way. One of the staff members saw my glee and proceeded to give a talk directed at me in front of all the other visitors in the room, I went a little pink to say the least. She informed me that Agatha loved wearing oriental inspired clothes and there was a gorgeous tunic black and gold in pristine condition on a mannequin. One side of the wardrobe had Agatha's clothes and the other her daughter's, Rosalind. On Agatha's side it was all bright silks, kimonos, a leopard print coat with a huge shawl. And on Rosalind's there was beautiful floor length gowns in rainbow of brocade fabrics, some of them were wrapped in plastic which I believed was bad for vintage clothing?

Agatha & Rosalind

Another wow moment was a book shelf full of all her first editions, I could not handle the beauty of all the exquisite covers! 

This is the coolest dress I took with me (like totally), oops, wanted to wear a divine 1940s floor length number but would of passed out or fallen overboard. 

Agatha & Max on the battery

Be back soon with more holiday snaps to send you to sleep!

Thursday 17 May 2012

Going to see the crashing waves

Phew I am finally going on holiday to Dartmouth this Saturday, I cannot wait. I have been visiting Dartmouth ever since I can remember and feel so at home there. I cannot wait to wander the little town, climb through rock pools, eat ice cream with clotted cream and go to Totnes for some vintage shopping! Oh and finally visit Agatha Christie's summer home. I have not even packed yet, I know I am going to take an excessive amount of dresses, even though the weather will probably be stormy.  I will be sure to share my adventures with you. 

Mermaid illustrations from here, Dartmouth images here, here, here oh and fishermen scene here

Saturday 12 May 2012


Hello petals, how's your weekend going? Thought I would share with you three of my favourite garments at the moment in one ensemble oh yeah I am a multi tasker. Got this houndstooth coat on ebay for £5.75! bargain, and I have been after to some high waisted black trousers for forever and River Island came to the rescue, slight danger of camel toe though. And I am addicted to anything flamingo related so my lovely boyfriend got me this Vero Modo top as an early birthday present, oh yeah. Also I love wearing socks like I am five again, doesn't go down well at work though. The beret is from a dodgy tourist shop in Paris added the lovely pom pom my friend made me, it wobbles when I walk which amuses me no end. 

I feel like I should be in the club scene in Funny Face. 

Funny Face images from here and here