Saturday 14 June 2014

Chinoiserie Chatsworth

A few weeks ago me and Ben went to Chatsworth now we had been at Christmas but only to the markets, as it was jammed pack. We set off early on a dreary Friday and arrived rather hungry so we tootled to the little cafe where they stocked my favourite drinks Fentimans oh yes.
The entry to the garden and house is rather steep at £20 each but I would thoroughly recommend it, especially if you opt for gift aid you get a £5 voucher to use in the shops or farmshop! The gardens alone are simply breathtaking, 

This was by far my favourite part of the gardens the blue little bridge was just so pretty, especially with that gorgeous backdrop.

Not sure what my hair is doing here thought I looked ethereal instead of deranged aha, I am wearing my gorgeous Edwardian dress and my absolute bestest 1940s Chinese jacket, oh and my divinely creepy skeltos claw necklace.

What are these two tiered flowers? They are so pretty.

This was my favourite view by far, the British countryside makes my heart sing.

Is this the spookiest pram you've ever seen?

I want this lamp please, can someone make me one?

Georgiana Cavendish, I didn't know this portrait had been stolen and was missing from Chatsworth for some 200 years.

Oh my little heart was a flutter with this room, the Chinoiserie wallpaper was just so heavenly, I had to buy a wrapping paper version of it from the gift shop, may have to line some drawers!

This just reminded me of the TV series Hannibal, which I adore! Must have been the antlers

Sunday 1 June 2014

Birthday Carrion

 Well it's a Happy Birthday to me and Marilyn Monroe, boy do the years fly by now. It's my second birthday in our own home I am so grown up now! I still feel 15, anyway today has mostly been old movies excess amounts of pasta, chocolates, bucks fizz and flowers, I haven't eaten the flowers.

This dress I bought last year from Spitalfields she's in a rather sorry state and I thought I would never get to wear her as the bust was so narrow, but my Aunt noticed that the bust had been stitched up oh yes, I unpicked it and low and behold it fits aslong as I don't breathe too hard aha.

And this is by far my favourite gift my very own piece of taxidermy he is a Carrion Crow and I love him, I don't know what to call him yet, Edgar, Vincent, Ichabod - any suggestions welcome. I have been spoilt rotten, I will show you my gifts later on in the week! 

Inca isn't quite pleased with our new addition but hopefully she won't maul him!
Hope you are having a wonderful weekend