Wednesday 31 October 2012

Nosferatu's Concubine

Happy Halloween ghouls and goils! I managed to finish my dress in time. This is my actual costume for Halloween, not just me prancing around on a usual day aha. Tonight I am going on a ghost walk in Manchester, and apparently there's a surprise location involved and a grown man fainted last year! What have you got planned?

Just so you know I purchased TV quality fangs and blood, I am so cool...

Happy Hallows Eve!!!

All spooky images via tumblr

Thursday 25 October 2012

Style Icon: Mildred Hubble

The Worst Witch was my favourite book when I was little. When I was asked at my Church of England Primary School what I wanted to be when I grew up, I would retort, 'A Witch'. I have always been drawn to the macabre and freaky side of life, so Mildred Hubble was my perfect heroine. With her freckled face, long dark locks, cape flapping in the wind and her tabby cat hanging onto her broomstick for dear life, I found it all so romantic. I have adored Halloween from being little, I have always felt like a loner a weirdo so it makes me feel good that I can go all out and act like I'm only doing it because its Halloween...

Are you excited for Halloween?

Saturday 20 October 2012

If I were a Chorus Girl

Aah so this is my haul from last Sundays Vintage Village fair, I did good eh. The black slinky ensemble £20 is a two piece, dress and jacket with a darling little belt. I'd seen it the month before but didn't think it would fit, however I was heckled into trying it on by my friend and by jove it fit. The lady from the stall, Lost but Not Forgotten, got rather emotional to see her old favourite frock from 1973 on me, I love clothes with a history and I will look after it all the more.

The beaded little dress £5 I can't quite work out, it doesn't look like its been shortened so I have decided it's a chorus girl's costume. Which obviously I need, I have already been doing my version of tap dancing on the kitchen floor whilst wearing it...
The charm bracelet is so heavy that I like to say it will stop me from doing work, but it doesn't. The little hat sits on my head perfectly and was only £5. The Libeled Lady Print was a snip at £3. And I am a sucker for a tourist scarf, this London one was just £3, a girl can never have too many scarves. Have you found any gems recently?

Chorus girl images via tumblr

Wednesday 17 October 2012

Style Icon: Barbara Steele

With my favourite day coming up soon it's only right that I have a spooky seductress as an icon. Those cheekbones the ebony hair, jeez she's too much. She was born in the same county as me, Cheshire, so why don't I look like her?!

All images and gif via tumblr