Tuesday 31 May 2011


The beautiful and inspirational Kelly Marie has tagged me, to answer some questions. So here it goes my petals!

Do you think you're hot?

Well in a word no, not hot, but I do like the way I look (not always) I have definitely grown into my skin now, I was very self conscious growing up. Being tall freckly, with big goofy, gappy teeth is not good. But I appreciate who I am now and am just glad I am healthy. Plus my boyfriend loves me so I must be alright.

Upload a picture or wallpaper you are using at the moment

I am currently using my lovely sister's laptop, mine sadly passed away some months ago so all my inspiring images are on there, but I have been sneaking some onto her memory. This image of Ava has been my desktop background for a long time, I normally change them every week, but this picture is just so gorgeous it just keeps on making me happy.

When was the last time you ate chicken?

I flipping love chicken, up until seven years ago that's all I ate now my palette has matured some what so I do have the occasional red meat too.  

What songs have you listened to lately?

I am very fickle when it comes to music one moment I want metal next I want pop, I am eclectic (or erratic).

Do you have any nick names?

Hannah Spanner, Hannah Banana, Spam, Han, Sausage breath

Here's 8 other blogger's I have tagged! 

The above ladies inspire me, and always leave sweet comments! 

Monday 30 May 2011

Paris :Celebrity Spotting

Okay pretty certain I saw Ellen Von Unwerth, wandering round Montparnasse yesterday. Could not mistake her crazy blonde hair. I love her work, but she looked way too busy trying to figure out how to hail a taxi, to be further confused by me approaching her. Paris is lovely, I have already purchased enough second hand and vintage to fill the gaps I purposely left in my suitcase (more on those items soon). 

Vogue Italy 2010

Monica Bellucci 

Today I am hoping I will see some french actors. 

Wednesday 25 May 2011

Au Revoir!

Travel in Style
Bonjour, mon ami's, I am off on my trip to Paris tomorrow morning, would you believe I have only just finished my packing?! I have too many clothes that I feel the need to drag with me every holiday. I have my outfit for the plane planned like a typical tourist. I may do some sporadic posts whilst I am away to witter on about my adventures, so do stay around my lovelies.

Ava & Frank knew how to travel in style

I will obviously look this amazing

Monday 23 May 2011

Scorpion Queen

Hello, hope you all had a grand weekend, I have been getting ready for Paris! On Sunday, I wore a hand me down Matalan dress of my Mum's. With one of my favourite insect related brooches, a scorpion, which unfortunately has lot it's tail! Yesterday, I gave in to eBay fever and won a vintage lobster brooch which I will show off when it arrives no doubt.

Yeah, check out the pocket detail

I thought this was an effective pose...

Scorpion minus tail

How cute is this M&S food bag?!

Me in motion, mesmerising I know

1950s hat

Bucket & Spade Jelly, tasted like Jam

*Note the title of the post is not me claiming I am this woman, I cannot sadly hold a scorpion in my mouth, only bejewelled ones. 

Saturday 21 May 2011

Sam Style: Dressing like a boy

As you may have already gathered I take a lot of my inspiration from film, and today I took it upon myself to dress like Sam from Benny & Joon , a film that is very suited to me, being something of a misfit myself. Other male film icons of mine being Vincent Price and Jacques Tati  are always an influence. I do enjoy dressing like a boy sometimes, it makes me confident in a different way that pretty dresses do. Plus brogues and stripey socks are like my bestest favourite combination. 

Sam Style

Friday 20 May 2011

Too Impatient To Sew

Hah, this is the only attempt I have ever made at making a dress from a pattern, being impatient I do not like to spend a lot of time planning things out. I am more suited to the Vivienne Westwood approach to dressing, to grab a piece of material wrap it round and add a belt, but that does not always give the look your after.

Yeah it totally looks like that?!

Dame Vivienne wearing a curtain

I wanted to get the wallpaper in

Now hopefully one day when I a more patient I will be able to create more, or probably easier just buy a dress making mannequin and pin away. Oh and I have just rediscovered my love for turquoise jewellery, I need more to distract from the unfinished hemlines!

Tuesday 17 May 2011

She Wouldn't Say Yes (1945)

I have a serious soft spot for Rosalind Russell, however her films often fall into the pattern of; successful independent woman, meets man, man persuades her she has no need to be independent, they get married. So I always love the first part of her films but the feminist in me hates her refusal to be on her own, but that's Hollywood, I would like to say it is has changed but I doubt that.

Russell was very much aware of the pattern her roles fell into;
 'In all those types of films I wore a tan suit, a grey suit, a beige suit and then a negligee for the seventh reel near the end when I would admit to my best friend on the telephone that what I really wanted was to become a little housewife.'

However, I do like this film despite it's plot, as Russell is just so charming and her clothing in this film is so glamourous. She plays Dr Susan A. Lane a psychologist, so she is a woman of authority, with some delightful suits in her wardrobe. Do old fashioned beliefs annoy you when you watch films? or do you just take it as part of it's charm?

Why does my hair never look this good?

Gorgeous hat and gloves

Darling leopard print coat for train travel

Dealing with a patient in her nightgown

Fabulous house coat/gown and gorgeous boudoir!

Career women wear white
Beautiful up do for dining

The most beautiful house coat I have seen

Adorable hat and necklace
In her nightgown about to give in to love
(how beautiful is the sparkly number)

Monday 16 May 2011

The Artist (2011)

I have just come across the trailer for The Artist, which is premièring at Cannes. I love the concept and look of the film. It is directed by French film maker Michel Hazanavicius and centres around an alcoholic silent star who is batting with the introduction of talkies but falls in love with an actress who is on the up, and he re joins the industry as a dancer.

Sunday 15 May 2011


The weather has gone back to usual for the UK, rain, so I have pulled out my trusty faux fur trimmed coat, which I do believe that Joan would of admired if she were around. I'm wearing it with my favourite leopard print boots, whose heels have sadly been worn down, as I walk like John Wayne. The red dress reminds me of a dirndl, I do have two vintage dirndl's but always feel it's slightly too costumey, even for me.

Joan in Furs

Rammstein Rosenrot 

I found the above video when I was watching my tenth Orson Welles interview, love seeing images like this.

Saturday 14 May 2011

The ship has sailed and only a fool would continue. Truth is... I've always been a fool.

Big Fish

Midnight in Paris


The City Of Lost Children

This weekend is filled with inspiring films, tonight I am going to watch warpaint, woo very excited. Hope you all have a fantastical weekend, and here's to being foolish.