Wednesday 27 March 2013

I dress for the image dahling

 Howdy there, how are you on this freezing evening? I wanted to share with you my fabulously wafty trousers, it's so hard to find decent high waisted trousers but found this pair on eBay originally from H&M trend. They are a delight to wear, although my friend at work did tell me I looked like a waitress, I was trying to channel Marlene or Vivien but whatever I sang the Human League for the rest of the day.  

Hope you're excited for the Easter break, I have my niece and sister staying over so I will be knackered! 

Monday 25 March 2013

Style Icon: Vivien Leigh

That tiny nose those ridiculously beautifully animated eyebrows, this talented woman has always fascinated me. She had a difficult life but her beauty and charm does not fade. I watched Waterloo Road for the first time a few weeks ago, after discovering thanks to Helga and Lauren that the director, Sidney Gilliat hailed from my new home town, so you see less than six degrees of separation between me and Viv. 

Wednesday 13 March 2013

Tales of the Mermaid Tavern

Oh hello there lovelies, I ordered this Caitlin Shearer dream of a dress tail end of last year (harhar), and I have been waiting for when we were more settled in the house to wear it, i.e. when I am not wearing overalls and have paint in my hair, I still have paint in my hair, but I digress. Many of you will already be aware that like any normal grown woman I have a fascination with all things mermaid related, so I had to get this dress you understand? On Sunday me and Lola had a play around, she read some Edgar Allan Poe I read my newly acquired Tales of the Mermaid Tavern book, I am such a cultural aunty. Also went to the Vintage Village Fair and picked up a hat and a top which I will show you soon.

It was fricking cold on Sunday, like really. 

Hope your week is going fantastically, I have lots of housey things to be getting on with! 

Friday 8 March 2013

Making a house a home

Well how the devil are you lovelies? , I have been rather busy trying to transform our lovely new home into our own little haven. The house is a Victorian terrace, built in 1885, it's had an extension on the back so we have an indoor loo you will be most pleased to know!

Anywho, so far so good, apart from the sofa supposedly from the 1850s not fitting through the door, the delivery guy and my man insisted it would not fit and we would have to sell it on, as it had been stored in a showroom and apparently lots of people had been asking to buy it!

Now growing up I always helped my Mum with anything to do with the house - getting ball and claw baths up stairs that bug burly men say will not fit, so I told the two gents to carry it round to the back of the house and inspected the bolts, which we then proceeded to loosen with the help with some WD40! And by jove it came apart and when perfectly back together, so in short I am so stubborn I do not take no for an answer.

So until I get chance to take some proper photos here's some instagram snaps!

The sofa in question, it is positively dreamy ain't gonna lie. 

Ooh nice legs

This is our second sofa, every house needs two right? It is a gorgeous dusty pink and incredibly comfortable.

Got the man his own gentlemanly cushion from timberps, fricking love his stuff!

Adore the kraken cushion and the nautical one is from ikea - I have sinned aha

Skeleton toile de jouey cushion cover. 

These dresses are currently acting as curtains, I am saving up for some dusty pink velvet or maybe some raw silk to make curtains.

Charity shop cherub lamp only cost £5! 

This is the terrible hearth in the back room - excuse the bubble wrap, the cast iron fire place I've had for months it was £10 from eBay and will eventually be screwed into the wall, the chandelier was another chartiy shop bargain at £3.99. I'm accumulating as many chandeliers as possible, then I can get someone to fit them, do not fancy rewiring the vintage ones!

Victorian fireplace in our bedroom, not so original tiles. 

The garden comes with an ivy archway! I've already planted a climbing rose next to is as I have visions of roses all cascading over it.

You know I love a lobster, this is a plate tray from matalan of all places!

I have so much to do but will be catching up on all your gorgeous goings on.