Thursday 29 September 2011

Paint it Black

This is how I will be mostly be composing myself this winter, draping myself on statues and graves in black lace. 

All images of Anne Hathaway from Interview Magazine photos by Marcus Piggott

Tuesday 27 September 2011

Who Lives In A House Like This?

Being a major geek when it comes to films and having the up most admiration for Guillermo de Toro I have been looking for a video of his second home, Bleak House, where he stores all his memorabilia from his films and ones that he loves, I finally found it and had to share it, in case any of you are also interested (geeks). This is the kind of house that I want to have, I am anything but a minimalist. 

Mother in Law visits. 

Not fed the guest for awhile 

Sunday 25 September 2011

Start Wearing Purple

  Hello lovelies, here is some new garments I had to share with you, the dress is from Etsy, a 1940s rayon number covered in grapes, I had it in my favourites for sometime and then one morning before work decided to grab it, so glad I did, haven't really stopped wearing it, it came with the original label, which is the kind of thing that gives me a kick. I want some grapes for my hair now. 

 I am slowly running out of poses.

Purple pretty polly tights with diamanté seam, oh yeah I am glamourous. 

At this point my beloved told me I would never make it on Britain's Next Top model, charmed I am sure.

The coat is a charity shop find, it is about 3 sizes too big but that never deters me from buying clothes, it was a cracking bargain at £7, anything with a fur trim and I am sold. 

These old biddy (grandma chic) style shoes are from eBay only cost £6, thought they were quite 40s inspired. This is probably the first time I have worn all similar colours, I never coordinate, I find it a sign of weakness. 

 Do you wear a lot of the same colour altogether? are grandmas your style inspirations too? Hope you're all having a fantastical weekend. 

Thursday 22 September 2011

We gladly feast on those who would subdue us

Hello petals, I have so much to share with you, but alas I have to keep getting up to go to this place where I sit at a desk and get spoken to like I am a real adult, it is all very surreal. Last weekend I went to a local town and got some brilliant items from various charity shops, which are currently being febrezed (I am too impatient to wash them), so I will share them with you soon. But I had to share with you a few pretty pictures, my obsession with Charlotte Dellal and her shoes is still an issue. 

Charlotte Olympia spring 2012, I need shoes with shells on, as I am a mermaid. 

Halloween my favourite time of year is approaching, I need somewhere to go, but I will probably just sit in the house wearing a wedding dress covered in blood, do you have any plans yet? 

All images found via google

Friday 16 September 2011

Malèna (2000)

Oh hello there I seem to have gone screen capping rampage again, please do humour me. I have wanted to see Malèna for quite sometime as it is set in the 1940s and has the hideous Monica Bellucci in playing the titular character, I mean she should wear a bag over her head. Any who the film centres on a young boy, Renato's unrequited love for the lonesome Malèna, she makes him realise what it is to truly love a woman. 

Malèna is ostracised from her community as all the women accuse her of being a vulgar whore  just because all their men want to get in her knickers, they presume she is the promiscuous sort. 

The film is very sweet and I loved the costumes in it, and Bellucci's performance is spot on, her eyes are so expressive that you feel for her so much. It is directed by Giuseppe Tornatore who also directed Cinema Paradiso which I have recently added to my lovefilm list (boyfriend's actually but might aswell be mine).

I have since purchased waving clips, I never knew they existed, this is why I love cinema you get entertained and figure out new ways to make your hair more appealing. 

Obviously I need this bow.

I didn't tell you I had a cameo, my bad. Have a bello weekend.