Tuesday 30 April 2013

Embroidered two pieces

Well as I mentioned previously I hit charity shop gold the weekend after last. To be fair the dress on the left is from eBay but had to share it! The gold 1950s two piece cocktail ensemble reminds me of Betty Draper, the hand made grey embroidered dress and jacket is just so pretty. way too woolly to wear at the moment though and the pleated mauve number is so Audrey, I tend to associate all my purchases with people or films.

Also grabbed a perfect little Wednesday Addams style black dress, barely pictured as didn't look great on camera but I have it eyed up to go with all my frilly 1930s collars! The gingham skirt I was going to wear for Lana Del Rey (its asos via eBay) but cannot get my junk in it, massive on the waist and cannot zip past my bum pfft, the flowery skirt was the cheapest at £3.99 and the hound stooth skirt is just perfect for work also get a scarf and an old biddy bag. The most expensive item was the two piece cocktail ensemble at £14.99, its a standing joke with anyone that knows me when they compliment me on clothes I have to blurt out how cheap it was, its a self defence mechanism for having so many clothes!

Thursday 25 April 2013

Housepiration: Erin O'Connor

I've always had a soft spot for Erin, I think she is stunning and she has such a beautiful home; eclectic, vintage and dashes of leopard print so right up my street. Plus she has the most striking bob!

Images from here and here

Monday 22 April 2013

Time spent with cats is never wasted

On Saturday I wore a dress a lovely generous friend at work gave me, I love anything with dramatic sleeves, makes me feel very elegant and witchy. I did a faux bob which being a fickle sod stops me from reaching for the scissors, for now. Me and Inca are in the spare room, I want to get rid of the big bed and replace it with a little daybed, don't think my sisters will be too impressed as they would have no where to sleep when they stay, uumm family or more space for my shoes, decisions are hard...Also have some gorgeous dark bird print wallpaper eyed up for in here. 

Saturday consisted of charity shop hunting,  (hit the jackpot will share later this week) an ice cream parlour and Inca cuddles was rather idyllic! What did you do at the weekend?

I need to put some more holes in the wall for the rest of my hats!
Yeah I am kissing my hats, that's okay right?

Spot Inca on the top of the wardrobe!

Had to share my jewels I got for £2.98 on Saturday!

Monday 15 April 2013

Say hello to Inca

Say hello to our beautiful Devon Rex kitten, Inca. We collected her on Friday night after visiting her and her mummy the weekend previous. My daydream of a 'prerequisite' for a cat was one that sits on my shoulder, a la Pyewacket in Bell Book and Candle, so when I read up on Rexs and discovered that that was one of their traits, not to mention that they are like monkeys in cat suits and have a very canine personality, you can imagine I was quite excited about the prospect of being lucky enough to own one. The breeders are absolutely lovely and you can tell she has come from a loving home, they were located in Chesterfield, so the journey there was nice and scenic. Inca is so mischievous and loving, and I am completely and utterly besotted, I am struggling to leave the house now. You will be pleased to know this little treasure loves nothing more than sitting on our shoulders or head, normally when we are cooking!

Tuesday 9 April 2013

No place like home

So our house is coming together slowly but surely, there's still lots that we want to do but we are taking our time as don't want to rush into redecorating and then change our minds! But thought you would like to see what it's like so far! Do not have curtains anywhere so lots of dodgy blinds that were left and metres of lace wrapped around ugly curtain poles, so if anyone stumbles across some dusty pink velvet curtains give me a shout!