Sunday, 30 March 2014


So that's one off my bucket list, I had always dreamt of going to see Neuschwanstein (new-swan-stone) castle, but I never dreamt I would get the opportunity so soon.  One of Ben's friends has moved to the beautiful Erlangen, which we were more than giddy to see but then when Ben said we'd be renting a car to drive to the castle I did pee a lil'. Special thanks to them for inviting us and taking us to such gorgeous places. We had the most amazing long weekend, and we couldn't have wished for better weather when we went to Neuschwanstein on the Friday. The scenery alone was simply breathtaking. 

We had the tour inside the castle through the handful of  completed rooms, King Ludwig's II bedroom was my favourite it had the most amazing carved bed you've ever seen and a swan for a facet! Apparently there are two secret doors - one for his loo and the other for bed linen - not very dramatic but still exciting nonetheless. 

If you follow me on instagram you will know I finally got my mitts on an Edwardian day dress, so it seem entirely appropriate to wear to the castle. Benji's beard is so ginger and magical ain't it?

All in all I want to emigrate to Germany, don't get me started on supermarkets over there, fricking pastries to die for! Don't worry I have more sight seeing snaps to share aha.

Auf Wiedersehen kittens