Tuesday 28 February 2012

Du riescht so gut

That's right I am going to see Rammstein, my lovely fella got me sold out tickets to see them this Thursday, I am very excited, I have seen them many times before and am always in awe of their theatrical , spell bounding performances. Not every ones' cup of tea I know, but they have definitely carved my style, they awakened my Snow White addiction as a teenager (went to festivals and gigs dressed as snow white). They are story tellers, really think they need to make a film. Any who I really wanted to make a red dress as seen below, but do not have time, so think I will be donning one of my dirndl's with fresh flowers in my hair. See you in the mosh pit harhar 

This is how I envision my funeral, surrounded by six burly men.

All screen caps by moi

Monday 27 February 2012

Oh my darling Mariacarla

There are models and then there are women like Mariacarla Boscono I think she is extraordinary, her beauty is so unusual and I love her choice of work. And she has made me want to keep my hair long, for this moment at least. 

All images via tumblr

Sunday 26 February 2012

Happy Anniversary Leopard & Lipstick

This is really a big thank you to all you lovely people that comment, read, glance at my blog. I started this a year ago whilst I was unemployed and down. I never thought anyone would be interested in what I have to say, wear, watch, listen to. It is so wonderful to share my little world with you fantastic people, it is one of my few creative outlets and I sincerely appreciate your support. 

Me and you, meant to be

To thank my lovely readers I would like to do a give away. I have two gorgeous items that I think you will like.

This fabulously surrealist lobster necklace, I got two at Christmas so it is only fair that I share the love right?

And this beautiful nightdress vintage M&S I wore it as a dress, because I am smutty like that.
All you have to do to enter is leave a comment below, tell me anything, what's your favourite colour, or just say hiya, the two winners will be selected at random.This is open to all followers including International! and will close Friday 2nd March! 

Thanks again petals xxx

Monkeying Around

 I promised the hilarious and adorable Mary I would show my monkey necklace in better detail, I have to admit I have a serious addiction to Topshop's Freedom jewellery! Here I am wearing my new blouse, it now has chocolate on it, I not only like to eat my food, I like to wear it. I am wearing my favourite trousers, courtesy of River Island, I seriously want another pair of trousers like this, I just want baggy, high waisted, why is that so hard? Any tips where I can get any? (cheapish). Hope you're having a ruddy great weekend! 

 If I can get Vincent Price in any of my posts I know I will sleep well at night. 

I did wear shoes yesterday, my brogues, not just pink socks, I am not that deranged. 

Can never have too many shoes, dresses, jewels, coats ....

 My room is slowly being taken over by my clothes, which I don't mind. Thought I would share my most recent purchases with you! The kimono was only £8 from the Vintage Village at Stockport which I went to two weeks ago. I am a stickler for a good kimono I always feel like an eccentric artist in them. 

The long light green dress with diamant√© is also from Vintage Village, and it was only £10! has a few marks on it but I still intend to wear it. A fellow customer found it most amusing that I intended to wear it even if it was just around the house. 

The green blouse I think is 1940s was from eBay, I adore the colour so bright!