Saturday 31 March 2012

My whole life is a dark room

 Hello petals, thank flip its weekend. Being a Gemini I am slightly schizophrenic in many ways, but at the moment what I want to wear is reflecting my mood. Black lace you say? well I watched Rita Hayworth in The Loves of Carmen last night and been listening to The Black Belles, thank you Dakota ;). This black number I bought when I was 18, I had recently been dumped so took it upon myself to buy a fur coat, and two vintage dresses, I haven't stopped buying since really. Now I want to go put on pastels, I have a bridesmaid dress that is desperate to be worn, I am deranged. Have a great weekend. 

Margarita Carmen Cansino


The Black Belles 

Tuesday 27 March 2012

Housepiration - Mermaid's Lair

Me and my lovely are currently in the midst of saving up for our own home, saving is not that much fun. So one of the things that is keeping me positive is being inspired by other people's lovely abodes. I totally have a 'housepiration' folder on my computer; geek! Any who discovered the amazing work of Adam Wallacavage sometime ago and I know there are other fans out there. His work is sheer magic, it speaks to my inner mermaid. I sent him a major gushing email the other day and he replied straight away saying thank you, how sweet?! I am also working on revamping a piece of furniture at the moment, will share the results soon. 

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Monday 26 March 2012

The Girl

I am rather intrigued what The Girl is going to be like, a BBC film based on the making of The Birds. Toby Jones is a very talented actor, and it will be fascinating to see how he will portray Hitchcock and Sienna Miller is to play Tippi.

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Monday 19 March 2012

Ladies they talk about (1933)

Don't you just love Pre-code Stanwyck? or any period of cinematic history for that matter. I stumbled across Ladies They Talk About a few weeks ago and instantly fell in love with Stanwyck's character Nan Taylor. She is a down right naughty bank bandit, who takes the rap for a robbery that goes wrong.  She lands herself in jail and it's not until preaching reformer David Slade, takes a fancy to her and gets her out of her predicament.  However, she confides in David saying she was part of the bank scheme, believing that he will love her warts and all but he is not happy to hear it. So before he can rat on her she confesses and is convicted and sent to prison. Rather that than be with that sappy guy! or so she thinks. This was later remade as Lady Gangster (1942) if anyone has seen it let me know what it's like?

David and Nan, match made in heaven.

Nan knows the perfect garb to wear for jail. 

Not exactly a friendly lot, luckily she makes pal's with Linda (the lovely gal below, err how darling is their prison garb?). 

Unfortunately for Nan, Sister Susie takes a rather strong dislike to Nan, as Susie has a penchant for David Slade and his holy ways and cannot possibly understand why he would fall for such a crooked girl as Nan. 

thoroughly recommend this film, just so you can find out why Babs looks so peeved in this shot. 

All screenshots made by me, and I totally made my first gif, genius or what?!

Friday 16 March 2012

Dark Shadows

Oh I am rather excited about this it looks like the perfect combination of camp and weird. 

Thursday 15 March 2012

Style Icon: Johnny Cash

Mr Cash, what a man he has the power to make me dance and cry. Not only that he was such a cool looking guy, that craggy beautiful face, the black suits, he inspires me in so many ways. Any time I don my black suit I always think of him 

'Johnny always wore black, because he identified with the poor and the down trodden' - God's gonna cut ya down 

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