Friday 29 November 2013

Style Icon: Joanna Newsom

What's not to love about a harpist who sounds like a combination of Rasputina and Fiona Apple - to me anyway. I am so smitten with her music and style and that hair, I need to plait my hair more. 

All images via tumblr

Tuesday 19 November 2013

1950s Novelty Print aka Heaven

Say hello to my dream dress, 1950's Egyptian novelty print I knew she had to be mine. I am always searching on eBay for vintage Egyptian curios and clothes, not since I lost out on bidding on a Victorian black net pyramid skirt have I got this giddy, hey it may be two sizes too big, but without the belt its more 1920's Egyptian revival, so what the hell. Sorry about the messy hair, if you follow me on twitter you will know I was having a hair dilemma debating whether to chop it off, dye it etc. Being a Gemini I have now decided to just get a good trim, until I see someone with a fabulous bob that is. 


 Hope you having a beautiful week! 

Tuesday 12 November 2013

This ol' thing?

 Hello there lovelies, how the devil are you? Hope November is treating you well. Had to share my ensemble from yesterday me and Ben had the day off so we did mostly bugger all, which was lovely. The polka dot dress is new from the Vintage Village an absolute bargain at £5 from my favourite seller Greta Garbo Antiques. I also got the old jar above and some beautiful vintage St Michael dresses for Lola to grow into. 

Hope you appreciate the floorboards they are way orange-r than I wanted, but better than the poo carpet that was down, just need to get rid of the contemporary fireplace now!

 I cannot dress myself clearly...
Have a wonderful week