Tuesday 27 August 2013

dream dress

I had this dress on my favourites on etsy for ages and then it disappeared, I nearly wept as I wanted to wear it for an upcoming wedding. It was just something about the soft powder blue and lace that had me weak at the knees. Thankfully the listing had just expired, so after days of pondering I finally bought it. I buy a lot of clothes but I never spend over £30 on one piece without deep consideration! *Side note* totally had to pay £31 in custom charges so was even more boo. 

Any who I wore it for Ben's sister's wedding on Friday, which was such a lovely day, especially as my man and his twin brother walked her down the aisle. Me and strapless dresses are not friends, it was the first time I've ever worn a strapless bra, but I still felt rather glamourous despite the paranoia I'd do a Judy Finnegan. I swear I need to start my own lingerie company for all sized women, who knew it was so hard to find a pretty strapless bra?! I paired my dream dress with some good ol' Matalan black heels, my starfish handbag, a pair of spider earrings - as I cannot resist a dash of the macabre and a Spanish gold necklace that I kept draping on my back, I once saw Nicole Kidman do that so though what the hell? why not. 

Terrible shot of me outside, me and natural light do not mix, my hair was beautifully set until I went out, how do you fellow ladies keep your pin set to stay in? I had to sweep it up in the evening as I looked like a drowned rat. But wanted to show my ensemble in its full glory heh. 

Friday 23 August 2013

Ice cream you scream

On Tuesday it was Ben's birthday so like any normal 29 year old he wanted to go to the Cheshire Ice Cream Farm, we were the only adults there without children aha, but it was god damn good ice cream, my favourite was liquorice & blackcurrant. I wore a newly acquired blue velvet dress which I got for £4.50, I did have to shallow breath in it, as the belt was way too tight, the things I do for a pretty dress?!

Ben wearing his new koi fish jumper, I want it!

Don't mind me pretending I'm in a 1950's B-movie

I made the Nigella Lawson Chocolate Guinness cake for Ben, boy is it yummy!

Wednesday 21 August 2013

Vote for me

Hello there lovelies, I would be very grateful if you could take a few moments to vote for Leopard & Lipstick for the 'Best Vintage Lifestyle Blog'. I know some of you have been following me from the beginning so would adore your support for the Best of Vintage Manchester Awards! Nominations close at the end of August. I promise if you vote for me all your wildest dreams will come true, well perhaps not but I am a bit nice...

Friday 16 August 2013

Velvet & Lace

 Hello there, how the devil are you? Had to share with you my lovely new 1940's hat it is such a dream, black velvet with green feathers and netting on the back. I will take better snaps of it I promise and the dress you can kinda see! Wearing it next week for Ben's sister's wedding.

Monday 5 August 2013

Girl Crush: Mara Hruby

I've previously posted about the gorgeous Mara but had to share her photos from the Style Like U interview she did. She is so dreamy, I wana be her mate aha and she has the voice of an angel, I'm addicted to her song 'character'.