Saturday 30 August 2014

Holiday Snaps: Croatia

Is anyone still there? Apologies for my lack of blogging but life has certainly being throwing some turd my way of late! Any who, I had a two week holiday in mid August first week Croatia and then a few days in Amsterdam. It has been complete bliss to only worry about what national heritage sights to peruse.

Croatia is such a beautiful country, the people were so warm and friendly, and boy was the weather hot. I managed to not get burnt, which is always something of a miracle, just a lot more freckles.We stayed on a little touristy island called Okrug Gornji it was very beautiful and a short boat trip to the beautiful Venetian style island of Trogir, which I just simply adored. With its winding little streets and beautiful church it was a definite favourite. 

We also went to Krka National Park, which was something of a touristy nightmare I'd been informed it would be suitable for my Dad who walks with a stick but 250 steps down with hundreds of people trying to rush past is not very realistic for people who require a lil extra assistance! Nevertheless it was indeed very gorgeous sight, I particularly enjoyed the nuns admiring the views!

Hope you are well

Inca helping me with my packing

Vampyr in a bikini

Idiots on a hammock

Looking like a picnic

I got crabs!

It's important to match your snacks to your bikini

 A friend I made

Look my eye was there!