Wednesday 30 January 2013

A Study in Scarlet

Well after the visit to the Hollywood Costume exhibition we headed to our favourite Mexican joint, Wahaca and a pit stop at Laduree, erm bubblegum flavoured macaroon pour moi?! Merci beaucoup! We strolled on over to Baker Street to see the dwellings of none other than Sherlock Holmes and Dr Watson. It is rather amusing queuing up to see a fictitious character's abode but we thought what the devil, why not? I must say I have been inspired for our house by the d├ęcor that was within.

 Spot the kraken, I have an obsession with them. 

An iconic image at Baker Street underground, we knew we were heading in the right direction.

By jove another clue!

The inside of the ridiculously over priced souvenir shop, plastic pipes for £25?   

New 1930s velvet coat, it did not keep me warm, at all. Soz about the frizzy hair and crap photo, Ben is incapable of taking flattering snaps, and I am not photogenic, whatever trevor. 

Me in the middle when I have let my roots go crazy. 

 I loved this suite! 

Alas Robert Downey Jnr was not waiting for me in any of these rooms. We did make our way to the Anesthesia Musuem but discovered it's shut on Saturdays, drat. I love visiting London, need to plan my next trip soon.

Monday 28 January 2013

The Hollywood Costume Exhibition: Please can I have replicas?

Oh hello there you little petals, how the devil are you? On Saturday me and Ben went to the Hollywood Costume Exhibition at the V&A it was the last weekend of it and I swore I would see it as I missed the Wedding Exhibition last time round.

I am so glad we went, we got the train in the early hours of Saturday morning, I can sleep on anything so I promptly nodded off until I got rudely jabbed in the side by my beloved. Before we knew it we were queuing in the underground entrance of the V&A once the doors opened people almost sprinted to the exhibit, I totally spotted hip and happenin designer Henry Holland.

Snippet of my ensemble, need to do a post on my favourite Cheongsam!

Any who the costumes were divine, I still cannot get over how tiny most actors are. They seem larger than life on screen right?  but most of them are average height or smaller. The costume that really got me was the waitress dress that Joan Crawford wore in Mildred Pierce, I welled up at the sight of it, it's one of my favourite films and one of the first noirs I discovered whilst studying film that got me hooked on the genre. 

Other favourites was Claudette Colberts mint green Cleopatra costume
Elizabeth Taylor's cream structured dress complete with Cape from Cleopatra 
Hedy Lamarr insane peacock two piece complete with cape from Samson & Dellilah
Sean Young's 1940s inspired suit for Blade Runner
Carole Lombard's sequinned night gown for My Man Godfrey
Marilyn Monroe's infamous white dress from Some Like it Hot
Meryl Streep's black Victorian style gown from Lemony Snickett
Joan Crawford's The Bride Wore Red gown
Marlene Dietrich bejewelled Angel gown
Javier Bardem's outfit for No Country for Old Men
Michelle Pfeiffer's Catwoman costume
Greta Garbo Queen Christina gown
Vivien Leigh's infamous curtain gown from Gone With the Wind- I constantly tease my mum that she should tear down her raw silk curtains to make me such an ensemble, she has not taken me up on this.
Addams Family costumes all of them

Did anyone else get a chance to see it? Can anyone make replicas for me? Ta 

Images via Mr Google

Tuesday 22 January 2013

And so to bed

It's proving rather difficult locating a king size vintage bed, but here are a select few that I like at the moment. I have added a couple of ridiculous ones, i.e. The Oyster beds! If any of you stumble across any nice ones available to the UK and for a reasonable amount do let me know! Which is your favourite? 

Images via eBay, pinterest and French Depot