Sunday 24 February 2013

Kiss of the Damned

As if I couldn't adore Josephine de la Baume anymore, now she is starring in a seductively wicked vampire film. I want her hair ta

Monday 18 February 2013

Dusty Pink Sofa and Flowers

So I am dressing like it's Spring, on Saturday I purchased this fabulously flowery Laura Ashley 1980's skirt, it has buttons and pockets, win win and it was £4.50. 

We also bought the rest of our 'necessary' furniture, the pièce de résistance you may have already seen if you follow me on instagram, a dusty pink antique sofa I found it on eBay and put in a best offer, then realised the location of the seller's warehouse wasn't far away. So we drove down on Sunday and ended up buying two wardrobes, two bedside cabinets and a bookcase as well as the sofa for bargain price! This time next week is the big move, I can barely concentrate, I am excited and a little scared of finally being an actual grown up, a grown up who has asked if it's okay if we make dens, stay up all night and watch films and turn the cellar into a cinema. I still need to finish packing! 

Four more work days to go!

Thursday 14 February 2013

I love you like a crow loves pecking eyes from dying sheep

Happy Valentine's day beautiful people, I do hope your day was spent with loved ones. I have spent a wonderful evening with my lovely man, we have eaten take away and ordered housey things. And oh yeah I pratted around with our new rose garland meant for the house, but I knew I would drape it around my person pretending I am Ophelia. 

This dress is a favourite of mine I can barely fit my bosom in it mind you, not sure when it dates from, but the strappy back is dreamy. 

I was spoilt rotten, did you spoil anyone or get spoiled?

P.S. The title is from my favourite 'love song' How Many Ways by The Rohan Theatre Band


Saturday 9 February 2013


I watched Hitchcock tonight, which I thoroughly recommend, absolutely stunning performances from Anthony Hopkins and Helen Mirren, and they were perfectly complimented by a supporting cast which included Scarlett Johansson, Toni Colette and Michael Stuhlbarg - whom I love, especially his eyebrows. If your a Hitch fan definitely watch it, it is completely different to the BBC's The Girl. Alma is portrayed as Hitch's backbone who is integral to his films, not a bitter and twisted wife who is left to the sideline like in The Girl. 

However back to the point,  during the trailers I discovered my next eagerly anticipated film, Stoker, it is directed by Chan-wook Park, one of my favourite directors. a Famous for The Vengeance trilogies, Oldboy and I'm A Cyborg But That's Okay. It certainly helps that I am slightly in love with Mia Waiskowska, her characters clothes are making my little heart flutter. Not to mention the use of Death in Vegas Dirge, always makes me feel like a David Lynch femme fatale in Hollywood. What do you think of the trailer?

Monday 4 February 2013

The Cost of Living: Charity Shop Treasures

Now the move in date is quickly approaching me and my man sauntered around various shops at the weekend for practical items, err how hard is it to find super king size bed linen? answer = very!  My favourite destinations are always the charity shops and second hand haunts. The most expensive of the items pictured are the gorgeous cigarette cards from eBay at £7.45 that I have had for a few weeks.

The delightful flower lamp, I spied at a second hand shop in my soon to be new home town of Edgeley, it was priced up as £7 and I nearly peed with excitement when I saw what a bargain it was, then I got to the till and the owner knocked it down to £5 without me even haggling - something I am incapable of doing. The toile de jouey curtains were another bargain from another second hand shop at £4,even if I don't use them as curtains I can turn them into a dress.

I also found this pretty gold frame which is a lot larger than it looks for £2 and the crystal chandelier for £3.99. The charity shop gods were shining on me this weekend I tell ya. 

 Right now I should be packing but I am going to pin curl my hair, eat cake and watch Flame & Citron.

Saturday 2 February 2013

February relaxing her fingers after a short winter's grip

Is mostly always covered in flowers and bedraggled clothes. The below jacket is a recent purchase from eBay, the poor sausage is a bit worse for wear, not sure what to do about the padding coming through, any ideas? I've already worn it like, but got a few raised eyebrows. 

I have moved around my dresses that I have on display, these are spring ones, because in my head I believe it should be spring already. In other news we have finally got a completion date on the house! I will tell you more about it soon. In the meantime if any of you lovelies have tips on moving, packing, planning please do advise as I am clueless and just trawling eBay looking at purty things.