Tuesday 16 September 2014

Style Icon: Mia Wasikowska

This Autumn I will be dressing mostly like Mia in Jane Eyre and Stoker. 

Monday 1 September 2014

Kan Ik Woon Hier?

 Oh hello there I promise the holiday snaps will end after this post!
 So it was Ben's 30th on the 20th August and I managed to surprise him with a trip to Amsterdam we stayed at the absolutely beautiful Fusion Suites which is right near the Van Gogh and Rijksmuseum. Seriously if you love boutique hotels then Fusion is the place for you, Sharmila the owner has exquisite taste and will time your breakfast so you eat alone as she cooks fresh eggs and crepes in her beautiful kitchen.

Now Amsterdam is my dream city, all the buildings are old and beautiful. And do not get me started on the residents, pastel coloured scooters whizz down the narrow street.Gorgeous women cycling with heels and babies strapped to their chests, it seems multitasking and cycling go hand in hand. My favourite area was definitely the famous nine streets, and the Noord market was wonderful,full of antique treasures and freshly baked pastries. I have never been to a city where there is so many long queues for museums but they were worth it, although my favourite sight didn't even have a queue, it was the Royal Palace, simply sumptuous opulence. I felt like I could live in Amsterdam it filled me with creative energy like I could simultaneously open a cinema, art gallery store and flitter around on a bicycle carrying flowers and bread, a girl can day dream right? Now it's back to reality, well I'm planning Halloween and a trip at Christmas aha.