Monday 30 March 2015

Ada & Inca

So Inca is still mighty p**sed that she now has a sister, but slowly she is getting used to her company. Ada is so naughty compared to Inca she constantly tries to steal our food, and dives into her litter at any opportunity just to hear the noise of it all scattering on the wooden floor. I'd be lost without these two little devils.
Also check out my parrot vase, awesome or what. 


Sunday 15 March 2015

Caught in your web

Who doesn't like cobwebs, especially on their clothes? I've wanted to make a cobweb print day dress ever since I made my ridiculously ott one for Halloween. I used a Butterick pattern that was supposed to be easy but I really struggle following patterns as I have a short attention span! Anyway I don't think she turned out to bad, I also made a little belt and turban to match and she was worn on Valentines Day, to Tesco as I'm a real classy gal.
It's not just the lighting, I have red hair now, and like half the length it was, still think I will go back to black eventually but I'm enjoying the change for awhile, if anyone could recommend tips for brows and ginger hair I still keep doing mine black aha. 

My bruised Valentine fell off his bicycle hence the gnarley bruise - he's okay!