Monday 30 April 2012

Give Us Ya Coat

Yeah please Charlotte? will you? And your jewels whilst your at it. But seriously, I love this woman.

Picture from here

Sunday 29 April 2012

Stalactites and Burgers

Hello petals, how the devil are you? The weather has been abysmal, but that has not stopped me from braving the great outdoors. On Saturday we went back to Castleton, to go to the 1950s Buddy's diner and visit Treak Cliff Cavern, I love caves. For some reason I always think I am either a character from The Descent or Ophelia from Pans Labyrinth when I am underground. 

The burger did beat me, it was rather tasty, but could not manage it all! 

A local in front of the cavern shop, love her dress. 

 My ensemble was not at all practical, the dress is second hand and was only £6, it reminds me of Whatever Happened to Baby Jane, or a five year old's party dress, both associations make me happy. I was wearing cream brogues they are now wrecked, need me some walking boots. 

I fell on my bum after this point, balancing on a slope for blog pics, I am suave. 

Also made bruschetta for the first time today, it was delicious and had three of my five a day so I felt good. Which I needed to after the burger and jellybeans. 

Bette picture from here

Saturday 28 April 2012

Magical Blouses by B.Bernhard

It's official I do believe me and these blouses were meant to be! (I found these via the adorable Quincy's pin interest) How gorgeous are these? the silhouettes alone are divine, but the stunning designs are making me weak at the knees! It astounds me the talent you can find on Etsy. Which is your favourite?

All images found on Etsy

Thursday 26 April 2012

Eyam: Plague Village

Saving up means  making the most of living in the UK and visiting little places we haven't been before. Last weekend we went to Eyam, the plague village, argah. In 1665 it was discovered that some cloth that had been sent up from London to a local tailor was infected with the plague, so the village decided to isolate themselves to avoid spreading the disease. The village is beautiful, and I found my own humble hovel to live in:

We also went to Castleton and discovered a fab looking 1950s style diner which I want to go back for! 

I also want to live in above coach house, it is for sale, just so you know. 

If only we had nice weather in the UK! It looks quite mild here, but it was ruddy cold.

However, being cold does not stop me from eating bubblegum ice cream till my lips go blue! Is it weekend yet?

Lemony Snicket's A Series Of Unfortunate Events

I adore this film, everything about it the costumes, the story, the sets, oh my I want to live in a world like this.