Monday 30 September 2013

The Sterling Sisters

I discovered The Sterling Sisters last week and I am fricking hooked, post punk alt country? Yes please. The line up consists of:

George Cessna - vocals, guitar 
Scout ParĂ©-Phillips - vocals, bass 
Andrew Haas - banjo 
Nicole Rodrigues - violin
Corey Hughes - percussion,drums 

Scout's operatic voice paired with George's is just gothic country perfection. The imagery their music evokes just has me weak at the knees. My favourite song thus far has to be 'red,white and beauty' - go listen now. Meanwhile let us lust after Scout's amazing barnet and clothes. 

Thursday 19 September 2013

Glitter & Bill Bailey

On Saturday me and Ben took my Dad to see Bill Bailey, now my dad is easily amused let say so seeing Bill was just down right side splitting, he absolutely loved it. I think I have seen Bill Bailey about 5 or so times now, I love him, he references slayer, owls and rammstein, so how can I not? I had been listening to Grimes and Bat for Lashes getting ready so went for a glitter femme fatale, hippy look. Something about listening to Bat for Lashes makes me want to quit work wear ball gowns and paint. Soz about the limp hair it was about 11pm when I took these poseur snaps. Just had to share my lovely dress, that Benji got me for my birthday.

Saturday 14 September 2013

Natasha Khan - Garden's Heart

Two of my favourite girls Natasha Khan and Saoirse Ronan. Hope you're having a wonderful weekend. Me and Ben are taking my dad to see Bill Bailey tonight, very excited. Side note - anyone know how to make curtains?! I keep trying to find some on eBay to no avail so going to make a pair, any tips would be appreciated.

Monday 9 September 2013

Brr it's getting cold outside!

So every winter I think right I am going to buy a decent coat, lots of tights and a good pair of boots. Do I ever do this? Do I buy ball gowns on eBay instead because they are cheaper and prettier, yeah yeah I do. So I am hoping that if I start pulling together all the pieces I want, I may actually invest my pennies in something practical and pretty! Doubtful, until then here some purty pictures of dreamy things I would like.

Floor length polka dot dress

Floral day dress

Pink oversized coat

Lilac dress


Circle skirt

What are you going to invest in this winter/summer?

All images from my pinterest

Sunday 1 September 2013

Date night & good hair

Past two weekends me and Ben have been decorating the front room, jeez are high Victorian ceilings hard to make over. We are nearly getting there, just need to get rid of the seriously heinous brown stained carpet. I want to hire an industrial sander and renovate the floorboards, just hoping they are in good enough condition to do so! Anyway, being in your scruffs all day isn't much fun so we went out for a lovely Italian meal last night and I was rather chuffed that my hair managed to look nice after having my pincurls under a scarf all day. Inca was also eager to share this joy of a good hair evening!

I wore a little Zara polka dot number, it reminded me of the look Jane Russell had when she and Marilyn got their paws imprinted at Grauman's Chinese Theater. 

What have you been up to this weekend? If anyone has any tips on prettifying floorboards do share!